Friday, August 17, 2018

The FINALE for WHOOO . . .

My 'Finale' for this design is a 
perfectly, simple and easy 7" inch pillow 
using a homespun fabric that 
I have been hoarding for years...
just waiting for the ideal project.

Love the Finale . . . 

Thank you for the visit ...
Hope your day and weekend is enjoyable. 
*     *     *
We are celebrating our Sandy's Birthday tomorrow.
I cannot believe she will be 54 years young,
the "Sunshine of our lives" .
Here she is with part of our family a few years back . . .
our son Jeff, holding our beautiful grand daughters, 
Kohana and Kylie 
and then our wonderful DIL, Cassie holding our handsome grandson Kolton.
Sandy adores Ko, Ky and Kolton.
They are the reason we would like to move to Murrietta, CA.,
to be closer for more frequent visits.

for now, I wish for all Peace and Blessings,



Monday, August 13, 2018

"WHOOO"~have a Happy 'Owl-O-Ween'

This is
 It is a round 5 3/4" punch needle pattern using 
Valdani threads with a fringed edge.
It looks like an oval but that is due to the angle 
from which the picture was taken. 

He is wearing a special, made just for him, witches hat.
A couple of batty friends have taken flight, giving their approval to his happy 'Owl-O-Ween' masquerade,
with the harvest full moon rising behind them,
 there will be dancing in the light
with enchanted 'Trick or Treaters' celebrating the night.

Several longer loops have been used to create dimension and his white feathered chest loops are snipped to give a feathery look.
My finish for this design will become an eight inch pillow 
stitched to the wool fabric shown in the upper left corner.
The Finale will be forth coming in the next few days 
after I prepare the pattern instructions soon to be available on:

I love Owls ... as I envisioned Whooo ... he came to life.

Thanks everyone for your visit.
Peace and Blessings with Folk Art hugs,

Monday, August 6, 2018

Ghoultide JOL Totem ...

Another "Show and Tell" ...

Originally this was to be on a wooden horn book .... 
After some thought the oval shape is perfect to make it a 5"x 6 1/2" pillow/tuck.  
Had FUN creating and punching this piece and it is now available as a mailed or PDF- instant downloaded pattern.
The Pattern includes...
A full color picture, Floss and Thread chart for Valdani & DMC threads used, a pattern template, step by step instructions for punching this design, and directions for the fringed trim. 
Some tips and general information for Punch Needle Embroidery are also included.

A final Halloween design is in the works called
'Happy OWL-o-ween.'
Can you guess what it might be?

Thanks for visiting,
FYI ~ have not been able to leave comments.  
Looks like they have to be anonymous ???
What is google up to?
I am not a happy camper these days.
Am able to visit as I have been but not commenting.
Any help?

Peace for all, 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Boot #2 & #3 are done.

These will be available as single designs.  
I combined them as a pair for a flip flop illustration.
For the buttons plastic 6/0 beads were used and the bows were added with matching thread ... these would be optional.
The hornbook was made by Tara of 'Perfectprimpunch'  on Etsy.
Great job Tara and thanks.
I love the painted faux tortoise finish with black and grey paints, one of my favorite ways to do frames.  I am pleased and feel it compliments the pair. 
These can also be done as single tucks along with #1, giving three 4" square tucks making a sweet addition to your Halloween decor.  Below, #1 is shown secured to a galvanized wall pocket.  
Will be changing those daffodils out with some fall flowers soon.
Just thought the colors were great.
Have a blessed day my friends and continue to 
'Take Joy and Create'  . . . .
Folk Art Hugs, 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Here is the
Finale . . .

It is show and tell time ...
My "Witchy Boot Samplers" Series .
 #1 will be on a galvanized wall pocket.

 #2 and #3
 #2 and #3 will be applied to a wooden horn book,
 although they too can done as singles ... your choice. 
I hope to get these patterns ready for my Etsy Shoppe
starting the end of this week July 13th.
The finished projects better known by me as the 'Finales', soon.
Keep cool my friends, it has been triple digits here daily.
Peace for all and
"Take Joy and Create"

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Time with family on the 4th

Son, Jeff and DIL, Cassie had a pool put in 
just in time to enjoy on the 4th of July . . .

I did take a dip ... had a lot of fun 
watching the munchkins splash around and swimming.
Perfect weather before the heat wave hit on Thursday... 
100 plus degrees, with slight 17% humidity. 

Hope yours was special too.

Blessings and Peace for all,

Friday, June 29, 2018

Almost 4th of July ... Birthday of America

I have been busy ... SADLY, not able to leave comments to my friends.
I will continue to get this resolved. 
YES the Birthday of America is upon us.
One of my very favorite holidays.
As well as that of our first born Mike on July 3rd. 
Happy birthday son ... 
wishing you many more with blessings, happiness and health.
Here is some of what has kept me busy for the pas few weeks

"Miss Liberty"   
shown mounted on a painted horn book.

The first of a new series ~ 'Witchy Boot Samplers'


Thursday, June 14, 2018

*** Village Folk Art ***: GOOD 'OLE SUMMERTIME

*** Village Folk Art ***: GOOD 'OLE SUMMERTIME: If you subscribe to PNPS  you will get a free pattern of my design "GOOD OLE SUMMERTIME" ... HOPE YOU LIKE IT . . . HAVE FUN AND ENJOY!

Saturday, June 9, 2018


If you subscribe to PNPS
 you will get a free pattern of my design

Friday, May 18, 2018

The FINALE is here . . .

Without any further ado ... the Finale is here ... 
I used ruby red beads around the trim to add some subtle glitter. Hope you approve, I LOVE it.

The second photo is without, take your pick.
(kindly keep in mind that my finish is not a part of the pattern ... just another way to finish "Patriotic Eagle 'n Bunting", available on

Now it is time to get on with other stuff ... 
Does vacuuming count as stuff ???

Thanks for taking time to visit. 
They and any comments are always welcome.

Peace and Folk Art Hugs, Barb

Monday, May 14, 2018

The 'Finale' soon to come.

Soon to be done . . .

Before the banner was added,
Now applied to a cotton backed banner, 
instructions for which are
not included in the pattern.  
The Finish is your option.
 I am awaiting some red 8mm glass seed beads to put a touch of sparkle to my "Patriotic Eagle 'n Bunting" design.
I have it hung and displayed from a door of my pie safe. 
This presentation has evolved over several early wakeful mornings dreaming of a different approach for the Finale ... soon to be here.

I always welcome and enjoy your visits and comments,
your time spent visiting is appreciated.
Peace for all with Folk Art Hugs, Barb ..

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"PATRIOTIC EAGLE 'N BUNTING" pattern is listed on my Etsy shoppe.

If any one would be interested in my latest  Patriotic Design... 
It is now available on my Etsy Shoppe
Hope you like it ... 

the Final finish for me is still in the works.

Today, we are enjoying temps in the upper 90's.
How about you all?
I am keeping cool, INSIDE!

Take Joy and have FUN creating,

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

JUST A CASUAL NOTE . . . PN&PS Summer Issue

This is the cover of this Summer's Issue of 
' Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher' Magazine.
Down in the lower right corner is one of my 
Hang Tag designs entitled 
"Good Ole Summertime".

I am speechless to say the least, 
not to mention how grateful I am 
to be included in this issue of this amazing
 publication with all it's wonderful designers.

Just in case you do not already know,
 this fabulous needlework publication is dedicated to those 
stitchers who love Punch Needle & Primitive Stitching designs!

 * * *
Visit their website at and get a sneek peek 
at all the wonderful projects in the Summer Issue 
coming out middle of May.

Many thanks for your visit, and any comments are 
always welcome and appreciated. 

Folk Art Hugs my friends,


My new patriotic design "LIBERTY"...

I have been recuperating after my 
Bladder surgery on the 17th of April.  
sounds like a good excuse for being AWOL.
Also getting ready to prepare the 
instructions for tomorrow (I hope),
for my Village Folk Art Shoppe on Etsy.
This one is displayed on my shaker basket
 which is hanging on the side of my pie safe.  
It is another one of my hang tag patterns, 
using french knots for the 13 stars on the flag part
 of the design, various loop lengths 
and seed beads on the strawberry.
Yes ... I am fond of strawberries 
any way I can get 'em ...yummm!

I could not appropriately resist 
dangling 5 small rusty liberty bells from the 
very bottom of this 3" x 6" punched needle piece.
Both DMC and Valdani threads have been used. 
* * *
 Gots to finish another PN patriotic design
Hope to have it ready to share tomorrow. 
After spending much time resting and NO cooking, 
I am finally getting my stamina back in gear. 

As always, hope your week is warmer
 and Spring finally has sprung.
Ours has been a little chilly,  very windy and dusty
in the low 70's ... NO rain or snow, 
and we live in the Mojave Desert.

Thanks so much for taking time to visit and post a comment, 
as your time and thoughts are appreciated.

Folk Art Hugs my friends, 
God is good

Sunday, April 15, 2018

"LIBERTY" and Justice for ALL.

Hi my friends, 
Just finished the punchin' part and the final finish is yet to come. This is my "LIBERTY" hang tag design. 
The first picture shows it without a tea dye. 

Me, being a fan of primitive stuff that looks olde and worn, 
I went and tea stained it... that's the 2nd picture.
 So now you know. Would you prefer it before or after? At this point I have no choice and I am happy with the after.
Can you see the seed beads I added in the strawberry? 
Those are french knots for the 13 stars which 
I did not stain in the after. 
It measures 6" tall and 2 3/4" wide. 
Used Valdani threads for all of it.
Will have a pattern for this in the very near day or two or so. 
I have some other patriotic designs available on my
Come and visit. 
 Enjoy with Folk Art Hugs, and much Peace,
Barb ...

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

"LIBERTY" New Design for the Summer

Summer means 4th of July
Full of celebrations, like fireworks, parades, full bloomin' flowers, watermelon, strawberries, and picnics.

I am working on another of my Hang Tag patterns.
Summer fun with a "Liberty" banner.
We have limited supplies where I live  
and am once again waiting for some threads 
to be delivered.  So here I sit twiddling my thumbs.
Thought I'd share some of my WIP. 
I love strawberries, Black Eyed Susans and 
living in a country with "Liberty" for All.
These were my inspirations.
*   *   *   
Happy days for all with Peace and Blessings,

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Three "Heart in Hand" pin cushions~a MB design

As I sit and wait for Maggie's new book 'Pure and Simple', I decided to practice my stitching skills by making these 
'Heart and Hand' pin cushions from MB's "With These Hands". 
 One for my daughter, Sandy and two for my 
grand daughters, Kohana and Kylie. 

The hand is mine traced, somewhat shorter and 
stubbier than the one in Maggie's pattern. 
Am really enjoying stitching these.  
Maybe I need one too???
One is half way done the other two are waiting in line. Want these ready for Easter ... Hope I make it.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend as I am ...
Sending Folk Art Hugs with 
Peace and Palm Sunday Blessings to all,

Monday, March 19, 2018


Just added four small 4" x 2 3/4" egg shaped tucks,
 companions for Easter Parade Pattern.
#1 ~ Possies
#2 ~ Miss Prissy
#3 ~ Tag Along
#4 ~ Carrots
All will be included in one pattern packet 
4 TUCKS - No. 180319.
(for Easter Parade Pattern) 
These were kwik, easy and FUN punching.
...Hope you like them...
* * *
Thanks for your visit with Folk Art Hugs,
Peace for all,

Saturday, March 17, 2018

I WON ..."Tulip Cottage" from Lori Brechlin

Received this little jewel from Lori Brechlin today.
I won her little finished/stitched model for  "Tulip Cottage".
I will proudly display it with other treasures to ENJOY daily.

Thanks so much Lori ,

Monday, March 12, 2018


There were times when I said to myself ... "Forget the housework, errands and what ever else ... finish the mat."
Last week I did.
It is so primitive and I really struggled with these small pennies.
   But,,, I am so happy with it.
My stitches are really bad,  my excuse, besides being a klutz with needle, thread and a thimble, it is PRIMITIVE. . . .
* * *
I am way over due to have this completed. 
 I just wanted to share my delight and enthusiasm.
BTW, this is a Cee Rafuse design and kit.

Thanks for visiting . . .
Peace and Blessings for all,

Sunday, March 4, 2018

EASTER PARADE framed in an eggshell ~ Done

Now available on my Etsy

Will be made into a pillow, waiting for some dried lavender
 to add to my wool snippets for stuffing. 
Here is a picture of the pattern #180302 .
 Soon to be a pillow,
Approximately 8" x 6 1/4" at the widest points.
It has been slightly antiqued, since I love a more primitive look.

Folk Art Hugs and Peace for all,

PS - here it is as a pillow ...

Front side

Back side

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Start, to almost finish...
This is my "Easter Parade" of sweet baby chicks. 
Marching and framed the eggshell design 
as in a sugar/diorama styled Egg.
(shown from the working/back side. )
I was punching away headed for home stretch ...
 until I ran out of the blue sky color.
(the finished/front side)
*   *   *
~A Little Story~
Our charming bandleader is showing off her prissy 
egg shell bonnet tied with ribbon and spring 
flowers, toting one under her sweet wing, 
still with the roots dangling below.
The handsome, tag along is close behind. 
very dignified, wearing his bunny eared cap.
On his way he managed to uproot a healthy carrot 
and is clutching it under his staunch wing.
What a Dandy, Easter Celebration!
*  *  *
The punching will be finished tomorrow and with eyes.
then will be working on writing instructions for the pattern.  
It is eight inches wide and 
will probably be made into an egg shaped pillow...
Plans have been known to change
so when I get back, it will be what it is ???
Thanks for visiting ... I'll be back with
Folk Art Hugs,

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Trimmed with wool Penny Tongues ...

Yes, I like the wool penny tongues but displayed 
on my tobacco basket.  
Too busy for me.
I still like the gold wool background the most.  
But then that's me.
You can take your pick or do something totally different.
This will become a pattern, "HEART to HEART",
  inspired by traditional 'FRAKTUR' designs.
 Love is always in season for us, not just for February 14th.
St Valentine's Day is shared with 
'Ash Wednesday' this year. 

I would love to see it done up as a pillow... 
now why did I not do this?
I still can, the backing is finished with soft flannel 
and can be easily appliqued on a lovely wool pillow. 
Hope to have the pattern on my Etsy in a day or two.
Still a little under the weather with this eye lid surgery and now topped off with what is more commonly know as 'Nasopharyngitis' - or what I call Acute Post Nasal Drip, accompanied with 
a warning that the cough could last 6-8 weeks.
Any ways my creative friends... Hope your day and week is a healthy one.  6 to 8 more weeks???  Holy C-w!
Thanks so much for the visit ... they are always appreciated.

Warm wishes and Peace for all,

Friday, January 26, 2018


It is all punched and need to decide which color of wool to use for the blanket stitched tongues I want to use for the finish.

The gold or burgundy?
I was planning on using the gold, 
but now that I see it in a picture, 
I believe it will be the burgundy. 
Each one offers a different perspective.
What do you think?
H E L P ? ? ? 
Have a great day... I am off for the a.m., TTYL,
Folk Art Hugs,

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I cannot believe how much my vision has been affected
by this eye lid surgery.  Still blurred, watering and burning.  
Yet they say I can read as much as I want.
I am slowly closing in on completing the background fill.
The design will be done and soon to be ready to 
place on my Etsy shoppe.  
I love the earthy colors and Rustic Moire Wool 
has an impressive collection of primitive, natural choices.

The final finish, will be my next endeavor. 
I am really excited about using wool pennies 
with blanket stitching for this.  
Trying to decide on which wool color to use. 
But first, another cold compress for 20 minutes.
Will show the completed design in a day or so???
Thanks for bearing with me and visiting too.  
I appreciate your company and comments.
* * *
"Heart to Heart"
~Always in Season~ 
"Take Joy and Create"
Peace and Blessings,

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

"Heart to Heart"

On January 8th, we celebrated the "Baptism of the Lord".  Christmas is now officially over. We packed away the Nativity and Christmas tree with all our memory ornaments.  
Sad, we enjoy the lighted Nativity & Christmas Tree 
in the evenings.  It is a warm and cozy feeling.

I started my "Heart to Heart" design, usually meant for Valentine's Day. LOVE is always in season, so why not display and enjoy ALL year long. 
 It is being done with my new favorite Rustic Moire Wool.
Love the soft, variegated and NO sheen look to it.
Using colors that are very earthy and primitive,
with a hint of olde time fraktur elements.
Still contemplating the finish.  
Maybe an appliqued wool mat with penny tongue trim???  Gots to find a good complimentary color for that.
The design will soon be ready and available on my Etsy.
The Finish will take a while longer.
Tomorrow I will be getting my droopy eyelids lifted.  Feeling a bit anxious about the afterwards treatment.  
20 minutes of ice pack On and 20 Off. 
Not needed if sleeping.
Certainly not my usual routine and for a whole week.
The following week, will be applying warm packs but, 
not so often.
That's two whole weeks.  
Yikes, I am not liking this kind of confinement.
I should be very happy with the outcome as it will open up a whole lot of light on the world around me. 
Hoping all goes well.

'Til then, I thank you for visiting, have a wonderful day
"Take Joy and Create"

Peace and Blessings for all,

Saturday, December 16, 2017

BG design, 'Nestlings' ~ Finished!

This has been another one of those projects ... 
Punch a little here and a little there, until it is done.
It is Brenda Gervais' design
Resembles a Fraktur pattern ... Love it !
  I tweeked it to a round size to fit the lid 
of this sweet shaker style box.
Finished the inside of the lid and bottom with Fabric.
'Tis Fini ...
Now to finish my Diamond Penny Rug 
taught and designed by Cee Rafuse.
I just have one side of the scalled edge to do and 
it too will be Fini...

I have been busy, just have not been posting.  
I do visit your blogs a LOT.
and thanks for stopping by to visit and say "Hello".
... Counting down ... 9 days 'til Christmas...
We are going to Jeff and Cassie's(dil) in Murietta, on Saturday. 
Will attend Mass on Sunday, Christmas Eve.
Pam and Jim(sil) will join us on Sunday to have a 
~ 2017 Christmas Family Celebration ~ 
Including all four of our beloved grandchildren,
Kyle, Kohana, Kylie and Kolton.
... MIA will be Michael, our eldest son...  
Hope this to be the last time for this to happen.
It is just not complete with one not being present.

Thanking God for blessings
 We Love Charley Brown & Snoopy
Most of all 

May the gift of Joy and the blessings of God's Peace
be yours for Christmas and the New Year.

from our family to yours,

Barb, Chuck and Sandy