Saturday, November 18, 2017

Glad Thanksgiving Tidings . . .

Just want to wish everyone a "Glad Thanksgiving Tiding" ...
Can't believe it's almost here.  
I will start baking Tuesday, making pies.  Will be getting the dough ready.  Down to Jeffrey's and Cassie's for the big day.  Lots of family and food, an olde time get together.  Love it.
I am still coughing, all three of us are.  Poor Sandy brought it home from here day program and it sure has spred through our house hold.
Had an offer on our home yesterday.  We counter offered, so now we wait and see.
If it goes through we will be on our way by the 17th of January.  Right in the middle of winter, moving to Idaho.
Call us crazy?
Got another punch needle design finished up today and listed on Etsy.

"Primitive Christmas Tree Hangtag"
I made it to look like a feather tree with french knots and red seed beads on the ends plus a sweet prim rusty star button on the top.
Finished it off with my own handmade candy cane twisted chord.
Sweet and Simple .

Also randomly sewed clear glass beads on for snow flake sparkle.
Looks pretty when the light hits it just right. 
Will be putting together my Santa's Tree Garland this weekend.
Then I'll be done and need to think about packing, 
with no place to go.  Hard to make that decision until we sold our home.  Now on the search for another place to call HOME.
YES, I do believe we both want to get out of C--------a, being driven by Gov. Jerky Brown . . .
Get out of California!
Gas prices went up 40 cents per gal in just a week.
Call this good timing?
DMV will more than likely double next time around...

YUP, I am rambling.  Nitey nite,

OMGosh, it is past midnite, no wonder I am getting droopy eyed.
Peace and Blessings to all,

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Just not enough hours in a day . . .
I am doing 5 of these in different colored suits
to make into a garland above our imaginary mantle.
So far I have 2 done.
They are 4+ inches tall. sweet and cute and an easy peasy design. 
But, I have a rotten cough, trying to sell our home,  cooking, doing the laundry, etc... and punching little ornaments in between.
For now I just want to share and will list the the next one or three
as soon as possible.
They have glass bead eyes, various loop lengths and wispy eyebrows.
Finished the back with my favorite 'Warm and Natural'.
available on my Etsy Shop

Don't get too close to the screen, I don't want to pass this bug on to anyone.  My sweet Sandy gave it to me 'BIG' time. BUT, I still love her LOTS!
Got to run, got another one of those tickle kind of coughing spells.

Hope you all are well, I am doing fine.
So many thanks for visiting.

Folk Art Hugs with Peace and Blessings,

Monday, October 23, 2017


It is "show and tell" time . . .
Have been busy, trying to sell our home and changing agents...
Wanting to get this turkey design ready for Thanksgiving too.
So here is my wonderful Turkey Gobbler, 
strutting his stuff ... yes, he is indeed handsome. 
A cluster of 5 acorns crown the top 
with corn stalks framing the sides.
Of course we need those Pumpkins for the pies 
and a couple of olde crows for interest.
He is framed in one of my rusty, tin, pans 
shaped like a hexagon and that is how I planned the design. 

Perfect fit too... 
(each picture taken in different lit areas) 
I can also envision him appliqued on a hex shaped pillow,
he measures 7 3/4" side to side,
6 1/2" top to bottom.
It would also be a generous sized bowl filler.
So many possibilities, ... "Just Imagine".
 * * *

The pattern #171025 is now available on my Etsy Shop,

Thank you so much for taking time to visit.

Enjoy the week with Folk Art Hugs and Peace for all,

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Just a qwik update...

It has been a slow learning process for me.  I have never used thimbles and am very much all thumbs.  Improvising here 'n there.
The last row of darker pennys will have the open (scalloped) finish.
The back side is pretty.  Prettier than expected. 
Shows my stitching from the underside.  
Will not be adding a backing for that reason.  
This is a keeper and I want to see my progression,
if there ever will be any.
Thanks for visiting.

* * *


Friday, September 15, 2017

A penny's worth ~ WIP

A qwik note and showing that I finally started  the 
Penny Diamond Rug 
 by Cee Rafuse & Colleen MacKinnon

My hands aren't as nimble as days gone by.
This all has to be kept flat and taped down for stitching.
The fact that these wonderful, wool pennys are only an inch, 
the size of a quarter, is really challenging me, BUT am LOVING it.

 I love these soft, muted colors and this is one of the stitches that Cee has demonstrated and my favorite.
Hope to get back soon with more progress.
I am slow, as usual and normal for me.
* * *
Thanks for the visit 
Have a Fun filled weekend with happines, health and Peace,
Folk Art Hugs too,

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

"BOO" for fun and enjoyment

My final and 4th packet for the 

a Ghostly companion for all JOLs
Pattern 170825


Available on my Etsy
If interested, you can Click Here to get to My Etsy Shop.

Thanks for visiting and Enjoy the rest of the week.

Peace and Blessings for all
SPECIAL PRAYER for America and our President 
God Bless us  


Monday, September 4, 2017

WITCHY CAT is now a pattern...

It is a wrap ... for Witchy Cat.

Had to squeeze getting this pattern ready 
in between getting house for Sale. 

Punch Needle Pattern #170824
5 ½” TALL

Available on my Etsy
If interested, you can Click Here to get to My Etsy Shop.

Thanks for visiting and Enjoy the rest of the Labor Day weekend.

Peace and Blessings for all
a  SPECIAL PRAYER for America and our President 
God Bless us  


Friday, August 25, 2017

BOO is here.

Boo is finished. 
Ready for 'showin' and Tellin'...
I am totally happy with "BOO".  
He makes a great companion for "Witchy Cat".
This is a good time to correct my comments about my 3rd
set of 'Jack O' Lanterns' Haunting, 2 postings ago.

I got carried away with these 2 designs, still to be part of the 
"Jack O' Lanterns Haunting" series.
"Witchy" and "BOO" are 5 1/4" and 4 1/4" tall respectively, 
with more detail in the designs.
Sooo, they will be sold as separate patterns.
I will be working on the pattern packets this weekend.  
Valdani and DMC threads have been used on each design.

"BOO" is a ghostly JOL, with a captivating grin and proudly wearing his monogrammed, hat instead a witch hat.
I sewed two pea green beads in the center of his swirling eyes (this is optional).  PLUS, I left the top of his hat backing open so that flowers (like small, straw flowers, which I do not have at this time)could be poked in. I will show how that looks as soon as I get the flowers, as this is another option, or not.

Just another note for "Witchy Cat" ... must include her.  She too has 5  black, glass beads sewn in around the base of her Candy Corn witchy hat...
the black pom pom on top is also optional. I tacked it on with thread, easy peasy.
Please keep in mind the chair she is displayed on is one of my miniature Windsor chairs,  so please remember she is 5 1/2" tall. 
Just wanted to share some of my ideas for embellishing.
Included in both designs are some longer, punched, loops for added interest and some wonderful dimension.
Hope you will love this pair of inseparable, spooky, haunting, companions as much as I do.

Will be back soon with the pattern packets so you can create these JOLs for the enjoyment of all those little 'Trick or Treaters' on that mystical night,
October 31st, just in case you forgot...heheheheee. 

Thanks so much for visiting...
Enjoy and be happy, with Peace and Blessings for ALL,

Thursday, August 24, 2017

what to say ~ A news Flash?


Not really sure of what to say.  Our son, Jeff and dil, Cassie with our 3 munchkins have bought a house in Murrieta, Ca.  That means  they will be there for a while.  So, these two old fogies are actually considering on moving to be closer to our family.  I do not sleep well when stressed out and it takes its toll on me.  We are looking at properties on the internet and the prices are knocking my socks off.  But, I think we found an affordable place about 10 miles from their new home.  We are now 100 miles away.  I do not like, actually I dread driving from here to there on those crazy California Freeways, and I worry like crazy when they travel to visit from there to here. 
Here is the "News Flash" !
We have really decided to list our house 
'For Sale'  
as of the 1st of September. 
I won.t bore you any further with whys and why nots.
In between all that is going on and decisions to be made I have completed my new Halloween impression of those vintage paper mache cats.  Her name is..."Witchy Cat".

She is scarey enough to be adorable.  

Her hat looks something like candy corn with a black pom pom on top  and furry ears that are fuzzy white on the insides. Of course it is a punch needle pillow/tuck sort of ornie about 6" tall.  I hope to have better and more pictures soon.  
I'm almost finished with my final Halloween Treat...
he will be called "BOO" for now.

Another for now, I bid you all 'good night', as I have been up since 3 o'clock this morning and am getting a bit tired.  Hubs and I actually managed to do our one hour walk early today.
I/we have so much to do getting our home ready for selling and then finding another to call 'HOME'. 
Perhaps, by this time tomorrow, "BOO" will be finished. I'd love to be able to share this ghostly, JOL with you.

Tis time . . . Nitey nite friends, sleep tight with Peace and Blessings for ALL,

Friday, August 4, 2017

True to Form...3 days late.

This time my excuse was the inability to scan my drawn patterns.

Had to get a little creative and finally figured another way to do it ... 
it took time and as you know I am slower than slow. 
This is a groupy of the four eerie and spooky 
" Jack O' Lanterns Haunting".

I really love them all tucked creepy is that?

This is Frightful and Winkin'...
In packet no. 1 - Pattern 170803.
Here is Creepy and Evil in that order...
Packet no. 2 - Pattern 170804.
If interested, you can Click Here to get to My Etsy Shop
If interested, you can Click Here to get to My Picturetrail.

I am sketching two more ... for Packet no.3,
 they are no wheres near ready to get punched. 

So with that thought in mind, 
I will hit the road and get some lunch, 
then clean house... and boy does it need cleanin'.

Thanks everyone for the visit.  
Not much else to talk about.
It spritzed enough yesterday to make it humid.
I do not deal with humidity very well.
Did I ever tell you that I actually lived in 
Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia
when I was 10 and 11 years old? 
See what the humidity does to me?
We were right on the Beautiful Persian Gulf, 
and talk about humid in 120 degrees in the shade...NOT GOOD.
I will really leave this time with another thought in mind.
Get some lunch!

Have a beautiful weekend friends,

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Jack O' Lantern Hauntings

Working on my new series of 
Jack O' Lantern Hauntings
for our Halloween "Trick or Treaters" to enjoy.
Since it is again 100+ degrees out doors, 
I think being inside with the AC,
 cranked up for another day is a good thing.

I have two completed punch needle pillow/tucks, 
with another close to being finished and 
about 3 more sketches to prepare
for the hoop and punch needle. 
I have given them all names.
The tall pumpkin is "A Frightful JOL",
and the next one is "A Winkin' JOL"
both of these friendly fellows will be in #1 Packet.
The pumpkin still in the hoop is "A Creepy JOL"
getting ready for JOL Haunting #2 Packet.
They will be offered in pairs as shown.
Packet #1 will ready by Tuesday Wednesday Friday, 
the first 2nd 4th of August.
 This series, Jack O' Lantern Hauntings will include,
 3 sets of packets with 2 designs in each.
Available on my
Villagefolkart Picturetrail...
here you will be able 
to find the picture of the painting I used for inspiration 
listed under, 'My Paintings'.

They have a cotton homespun backing and I
stuffed these with real 100% shredded cotton balls. 
These are really cute all grouped together
 and will be easy to finish 
and have ready for Halloween night 
and all the little
"Trick or Treaters".

* * *

Well, for now 
That's all folks ... 
Thanks for visiting.
Hope you are all Kool with 'Folk Art Hugs'.
Peace & Blessings for ALL,

P.S. - Have not started the Penny Rug class with Cee yet.
Am really looking forward to it..

Saturday, July 15, 2017


This adorable cross stitch design,
 called 'Belsnickel' from The Humble Stitcher is finished.  

I have been working on it since before Christmas last year.  
It has been a good fill-in for those waiting room 
days in the doctor's office.
For years, I have had my eye on this sweet Belsnickel pattern.
I have a small collection of the reproduced ones. 
Thought this would work for the group when on display during the holidays.  Yup, I tweaked it a bit here and there and then there are those errors which will not be corrected.  
That's my signature and if you're familiar with this 
pattern, you can have the fun finding them. 
Fringe beads were added for the ornaments and 
the chenille trim gives it a nice touch.  
More importantly,
my Sandy LOVES him...that makes him hers.
Thanks for the visit as this is going to be a quick post.  
I have been awake and up since 3:00A.M.  Getting tired
 and will be taking a nap in just a few. 

* * *

Have a great weekend my friends.  As  always, thanks for visiting. 
We will be keeping cool inside with today's 104 degree temp.
The plus side is low 15% humidity. 

Folk Art Hugs and Peace for ALL,

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Class with Cee's~"Diamond Vintage Wool Rug".

Time to change gears and do something different.
I signed up with Cee Rafuse, of "The Diary of a Rugmaker",
  for this 'Diamond Vintage Wool Rug'  Class.

The subtle, muted colors really caught my attention.
I watched some of her tutorials, and was able to get this set up.
Best I wait for her class ... don't want to miss something 
and get off to a bad start.

About 8 years ago, I made one of my self taught 
versions of a Penny Rug. 
Here is a current picture, including dust and lint.
 It is done with burlap background,
attached to a black wool backing and lined with 
black and white ticking.
I love the texture of burlap. However, recently found out that 
it has a life expectancy of about 20 years.
Well, we will cross that bridge,
if I am still around, in 12 more years.
I am not sorry I used the burlap ... I still love the texture. 
So for now, I am eager to get advice, and some guidance
from an expert.  Really can't wait for class to begin.

Thanks for visiting,
I plan to show updates of the class progress.

Have a super, great week, with, 
Folk Art Hugs and Peace for All,


Saturday, July 8, 2017

'Wings' is a Pattern...

Was not sure I would, but decided to make it a
 6 page pattern packet.

 It is listed on my Etsy & Picturetrail,
Click, upper left, side column.

I'd be appreciative, if you visit me on Picturetrail to sign my
Guestbook.  Just want to see if it is working.
"Wings of Freedom" is a 6 page packet. 
It includes digital photos for reference.
14 colors of the Rustic Moire Wool Thread was used 
for this pattern.  I was impressed with how much 
coverage I got and still had some leftover
 on just that one spool used for the background.
Anyways...just thought I'd let you know,
 in case anyone might be interested.
Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend.
We are still living like hermits in this 111 degree heat.

Peace, my friends,


Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I finally decided to mount on an oval, made to order, wood plaque.
The finish is my old standby favorite 
after experimenting many times...
A faux tortoise in grey tones. 
 It is subtle, but others were too much contrast.
So this is what I settled on. 
It can be hung on the wall or 
displayed as shown on a wooden easel.
I/We love "Wings of Freedom"
Hubs 'told' me, "this is NOT for sale". 
What better compliment coming from Hubs, 
after he spent many evenings getting a late diner
or even running out for some fast food.
Not to mention the clutter and disarray on our 
farm table where we eat our meals. 
I completely enjoyed the challenge on this project.
It was my first time using Rustic Moire Wool Thread 
and looking forward to the next.

Thanks for your patience waiting to see the Finale.
I too look forward to seeing all of your works in progress
 and then the finished piece. 
For me, you all are inspirational.

Hope all is well and many thanks for your visit...
 Peace and Blessings,
"God Bless America"

with Folk Art Hugs, 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

"WINGS of FREEDOM" ~ almost there

This has been a really time consuming project. 
It has been an enjoyable and learning one for sure.
But, I have finally reached the fill-in for the background,
 not yet finished.  
Cannot say how pleased I am with my

Here it is.  
Using a grey worsted like wool thread 
will hopefully do the job. 
Working with Rustic Moire wool thread has really been a pleasure.
So far they have 100 colors from which to choose.
This limits your choices, as with DMC there are many more.  
Choosing colors was my biggest challenge.
I now have 1/3 of all of Rustic Moire's wool threads.
As you know, colors you see on your monitor can be deceiving.
That's for sure.
Still not certain about how it will be finished.
My next posting will show the final decision.

A close up of punching the oval cording for 'Wings'.
3 colors of thread were used.  The white fill in was done
using a #2 needle setting, the other two golds were set at #1,
 giving dimension to the over all cord. 
You can see my experimenting punched holes.
There were several of those.
You can also see some drawn pattern lines 
where I have made some corrections as I punch. 
I always do this, even as I am drawing the pattern on my cloth.  
If I see some irregularity, I correct it at this time. 

I'll be back with the Final ... soon.
Thanks for visiting,

Folk Art Hugs for all
with Peace and Blessings,

"God Bless America"

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


This is a photo of the top part of the chair that I painted...
  About 30 years ago I was a member of  'Desert Quail Tolers', here in the Apple Valley, Ca. area.  I was asked if I would be interested in painting a salvaged high school library chair.  It was very solid after years of use and made from sturdy oak.  The DQT would then sell tickets and have an auction for this wonderful piece of history at their upcoming, annual boutique.  All went very well, and the winner was delighted to take this wonderful chair home with her.  
Sadly, it was not me. 

Recently, I came across my sketches and pattern from this chair while hubs and I were cleaning out stuff in the garage.
I love this "American Eagle".
Wonder how it would do for a punch needle design???
Yes, I tweaked it a bit an am hoping it works.
Here are some photos of my works in progress, a new design
"Wings of Freedom"

So far, I am using the Moire Wool Thread and loving it.

Time will tell as I am still experimenting...

switching from brush and paint to 
punch needle and thread.

I have the design on the hoop and started punching.

Now waiting for more colors of Moire Wool.

You just can't mix different colors of thread 
to get what you want 
like you do with paint. 
This is a fun challenge.

It is an oval shaped design

measuring 11" x 7" ... a nice size.

Waiting for the mailman to deliver the thread.

Thanks friends for taking time to visit.

Hope all is well.

Keep safe, healthy & happy

with Peace for all,