Tuesday, December 27, 2011



My limited Dept 56 village on the credenza...

WHEELER's Bicycle Shop (my maiden name)...
CHURCH (Reminds me of 'Our Lady of the Snow' in Woodstock, VT. where we used to attend masses)...
TRAIN STATION (This one reminds me of the train depot in Hawthorne, N.Y. where, as a child, we would ride to Grand Central Station, N.Y.)...
I gave the rest of my collection to 
my children for them to enjoy now.

Last year I started collecting these 
'bottle brush Christmas Trees from the 40's
~that makes them as old as me and hubs'~
It has been a challenge...I am not sure, 
but I do believe they are from Germany. 
If anyone can shed some light...I would love to know.
Our Sandy strung and provided the Garland of Cranberries 
from about ten years back.  
I save them from year to year... they are wonderful dried. 

The Church was from my 9th Christmas...It has done a LOT of traveling and I love including the 
Vintage Christmas Trees in the display.
Of course the 'Memories Christmas Tree' 
has second center stage...after the 'Nativity' display.
It includes some Kugel Ornaments from my 
fathers childhood, as well as several ornaments from mine
and also from my 50 years of marriage to the 'love of my life', Chuck and from our four children's Christmases too.

My maternal Grandmother crocheted the 'BREAD' doilie, 
which I had framed to preserve.
One of my larger paper mache Belsnickles is displayed
here in the Dining Room area.

This year I took a fancy to collecting some pewter.  
Some of my recently acquired treasures are displayed
in my pewter cabinet plus 
more of my Belsnickles, 
my hand sculpted paper mache Santa ornaments,
My treasured Red Cardinal from Audrey,
the Weatherfield Merino Sheep from Doreen,
the Santa with Lamb sitting on lamp table a gift from Starla
and a few more family heirlooms. 

A full view of the Shores' Memories Christmas Tree.

I do hope your Christmas was as Blessed as ours and I pray that God Blesses & Protects America and ALL of us that love her and honor her, especially our WARRIORS.