Saturday, July 15, 2017


This adorable cross stitch design,
 called 'Belsnickel' from The Humble Stitcher is finished.  

I have been working on it since before Christmas last year.  
It has been a good fill-in for those waiting room 
days in the doctor's office.
For years, I have had my eye on this sweet Belsnickel pattern.
I have a small collection of the reproduced ones. 
Thought this would work for the group when on display during the holidays.  Yup, I tweaked it a bit here and there and then there are those errors which will not be corrected.  
That's my signature and if you're familiar with this 
pattern, you can have the fun finding them. 
Fringe beads were added for the ornaments and 
the chenille trim gives it a nice touch.  
More importantly,
my Sandy LOVES him...that makes him hers.
Thanks for the visit as this is going to be a quick post.  
I have been awake and up since 3:00A.M.  Getting tired
 and will be taking a nap in just a few. 

* * *

Have a great weekend my friends.  As  always, thanks for visiting. 
We will be keeping cool inside with today's 104 degree temp.
The plus side is low 15% humidity. 

Folk Art Hugs and Peace for ALL,

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Class with Cee's~"Diamond Vintage Wool Rug".

Time to change gears and do something different.
I signed up with Cee Rafuse, of "The Diary of a Rugmaker",
  for this 'Diamond Vintage Wool Rug'  Class.

The subtle, muted colors really caught my attention.
I watched some of her tutorials, and was able to get this set up.
Best I wait for her class ... don't want to miss something 
and get off to a bad start.

About 8 years ago, I made one of my self taught 
versions of a Penny Rug. 
Here is a current picture, including dust and lint.
 It is done with burlap background,
attached to a black wool backing and lined with 
black and white ticking.
I love the texture of burlap. However, recently found out that 
it has a life expectancy of about 20 years.
Well, we will cross that bridge,
if I am still around, in 12 more years.
I am not sorry I used the burlap ... I still love the texture. 
So for now, I am eager to get advice, and some guidance
from an expert.  Really can't wait for class to begin.

Thanks for visiting,
I plan to show updates of the class progress.

Have a super, great week, with, 
Folk Art Hugs and Peace for All,


Saturday, July 8, 2017

'Wings' is a Pattern...

Was not sure I would, but decided to make it a
 6 page pattern packet.

 It is listed on my Etsy & Picturetrail,
Click, upper left, side column.

I'd be appreciative, if you visit me on Picturetrail to sign my
Guestbook.  Just want to see if it is working.
"Wings of Freedom" is a 6 page packet. 
It includes digital photos for reference.
14 colors of the Rustic Moire Wool Thread was used 
for this pattern.  I was impressed with how much 
coverage I got and still had some leftover
 on just that one spool used for the background.
Anyways...just thought I'd let you know,
 in case anyone might be interested.
Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend.
We are still living like hermits in this 111 degree heat.

Peace, my friends,


Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I finally decided to mount on an oval, made to order, wood plaque.
The finish is my old standby favorite 
after experimenting many times...
A faux tortoise in grey tones. 
 It is subtle, but others were too much contrast.
So this is what I settled on. 
It can be hung on the wall or 
displayed as shown on a wooden easel.
I/We love "Wings of Freedom"
Hubs 'told' me, "this is NOT for sale". 
What better compliment coming from Hubs, 
after he spent many evenings getting a late diner
or even running out for some fast food.
Not to mention the clutter and disarray on our 
farm table where we eat our meals. 
I completely enjoyed the challenge on this project.
It was my first time using Rustic Moire Wool Thread 
and looking forward to the next.

Thanks for your patience waiting to see the Finale.
I too look forward to seeing all of your works in progress
 and then the finished piece. 
For me, you all are inspirational.

Hope all is well and many thanks for your visit...
 Peace and Blessings,
"God Bless America"

with Folk Art Hugs, 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

"WINGS of FREEDOM" ~ almost there

This has been a really time consuming project. 
It has been an enjoyable and learning one for sure.
But, I have finally reached the fill-in for the background,
 not yet finished.  
Cannot say how pleased I am with my

Here it is.  
Using a grey worsted like wool thread 
will hopefully do the job. 
Working with Rustic Moire wool thread has really been a pleasure.
So far they have 100 colors from which to choose.
This limits your choices, as with DMC there are many more.  
Choosing colors was my biggest challenge.
I now have 1/3 of all of Rustic Moire's wool threads.
As you know, colors you see on your monitor can be deceiving.
That's for sure.
Still not certain about how it will be finished.
My next posting will show the final decision.

A close up of punching the oval cording for 'Wings'.
3 colors of thread were used.  The white fill in was done
using a #2 needle setting, the other two golds were set at #1,
 giving dimension to the over all cord. 
You can see my experimenting punched holes.
There were several of those.
You can also see some drawn pattern lines 
where I have made some corrections as I punch. 
I always do this, even as I am drawing the pattern on my cloth.  
If I see some irregularity, I correct it at this time. 

I'll be back with the Final ... soon.
Thanks for visiting,

Folk Art Hugs for all
with Peace and Blessings,

"God Bless America"

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


This is a photo of the top part of the chair that I painted...
  About 30 years ago I was a member of  'Desert Quail Tolers', here in the Apple Valley, Ca. area.  I was asked if I would be interested in painting a salvaged high school library chair.  It was very solid after years of use and made from sturdy oak.  The DQT would then sell tickets and have an auction for this wonderful piece of history at their upcoming, annual boutique.  All went very well, and the winner was delighted to take this wonderful chair home with her.  
Sadly, it was not me. 

Recently, I came across my sketches and pattern from this chair while hubs and I were cleaning out stuff in the garage.
I love this "American Eagle".
Wonder how it would do for a punch needle design???
Yes, I tweaked it a bit an am hoping it works.
Here are some photos of my works in progress, a new design
"Wings of Freedom"

So far, I am using the Moire Wool Thread and loving it.

Time will tell as I am still experimenting...

switching from brush and paint to 
punch needle and thread.

I have the design on the hoop and started punching.

Now waiting for more colors of Moire Wool.

You just can't mix different colors of thread 
to get what you want 
like you do with paint. 
This is a fun challenge.

It is an oval shaped design

measuring 11" x 7" ... a nice size.

Waiting for the mailman to deliver the thread.

Thanks friends for taking time to visit.

Hope all is well.

Keep safe, healthy & happy

with Peace for all,


Monday, May 15, 2017

A new Punch Needle Design

My original painting inspired this punch needle design
"Betsy Ross Flag" .
It is a Folk Art rendering of an Early American style home
 with the roof composition being that of the flag 
for our 13 colonies and our new nation..
Buntings are hung at each window.
The front door wears a grape vine wreath 
dressed with a flowing red ribbon.
A pair of trees are Rufus Porter style.
Planted hedges bear red and white blossoms.
A lovely setting to pay homage for our beloved America.

* * *
The Story of the Betsy Ross Flag 
In the summer of 1776 (or possibly 1777) Betsy Ross, newly widowed, is said to have received a visit from General George Washington regarding a design for a flag for the new nation. Washington and the Continental Congress had come up with the basic layout, but, according to legend, Betsy allegedly finalized the design, arguing stars with five points (Washington had suggested six) because the cloth could be folded 
and cut out with a single snip.
The red stripes, represent hardiness and valor, 
the white stripes represent innocence and purity of the original 13 colonies.
* * *
 There have been several modifications to my painting...
it now measures 6" x 6"... I simplified it.
Before I coffee stained it
* * * 
After coffee stained.
    I like adding some 3-D, dimension to my designs,
    The stars and rose buds are all French Knots.
    How to do MY BOW on the grapevine wreath are illustrated and included in the pattern OR if you prefer, simply continue with the punch needle embroidery as shown on template drawing.

Finish it your way...or do it as I have,
instructions included for homespun backing.
* * *
displayed on a miniature windsor chair.
* * * 

The Inspiration!
Here is the painting, then called
"God Bless America",

now called

'Betsy Ross Flag'
will become another of my Punch Needle patterns.
One for Patriotism.
available on my Etsy,  
Village Folk Art
 May 20th.
 If interested, you can Click Here to get to My Etsy Shop.

* * *
Have an Enjoyable week with Peace for all,
Thanks for visiting,
Folk Art Hugs, 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

. . . Happy Mother's Day . . .

Have a Happy, Healthy, Joyful and Blessed Day,

 For my Beloved Mother,
Mary Ann Wheeler
my Beloved Mother in Law
Julia Etta Shores

  * * *

To the Mothers of our precious Grandchildren:

Our Wonderful and Loving Daughter,
Pamela Anne Shores-Pearson
our Adorable & Precious
Daughter in Law,
Cassie Yamaguchi-Shores

* * *
Love and Peace for All,

Friday, May 5, 2017

FIVE of my Grandmother's Hooked Rugs.

What a find!
They are all in such perfect condition 
and the colors still very vibrant. 
Will show the last 4 finds...

The top one is my favorite.  I love geometric designs.
They are all wonderful treasures 
and I LOVE them all.
Grandmother was born on 
January 13th, 1883.
These are probably close to 100 years old. 
They will never be floor rugs for me. 
Hope to find enough wall space to display them.
Probably not all at once, but change them out
periodically to EnJoY, 
and have fond and loving memories
of my beloved Grandmother,
Carrie Shann Moseman Wheeler.
She was a kind, gentle, loving woman, 
and one I aspire to be like.

* * *
Love you and dearly miss you Granma,
Your loving Granddaughter,
Barbara Joan Faustina Wheeler-Shores

If anyone has any information as to possible names of patterns, 
or any information, I'd greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you all for visiting,

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Papa found Grandmother's hooked rugs

A BIG hug for Papa . . .
We have been cleaning out our garage.  In California you usually do not have attics or cellars which is the case for us.  So in this dusty process, Papa comes upon a box, opens it and comments "You don't want this do you?"  I passed a gander in his direction and gasped...cause if he had trashed it, 
it would be... no tellin'. 
He found the box with my Grandmother's,
Carrie Shann Moseman Wheeler, Hooked rugs. 

So far this is the first that I have photographed. 
It is so amazing to me how vibrant the colors are. 

It appears to me that she signed it
using what I believe to be a rock for the background
 and her first name ' Carrie'.

The backside shows strips of various kinds 
of material whip stitched on for hanging the rug.
I am 78, and I always knew her to be hooking rugs.
These rugs could very well be 100 years old.
My mother told me Granma Carrie would enter her rugs
 yearly in the Westchester County Fair, 
White Plains, N.Y. and won many awards.  
I am so happy that dear Papa uncovered them. 
I think there is one more and I will take more pictures.
* * *
I have many chores that need my attention... so TTYL 
Again, thanks for visiting ...

P.S.:  There are 4 more rugs ... what a treasure Papa has unfolded. 
I knew that they had been packed away years ago.  Hoping that during our travels they had not been lost... just, simply misplaced.
Eureka ... 
Family Treasures and Heirlooms have been re-discovered.  

'Tis Now Finished . . .

Binding & Blocked.
 Just a very qwik update.
Will be used as a mat, not for my foot stool 
as it did not fit as planned.
Has been a great learning lesson for me.

Off to another project...
probably my NEW Punch needle Design.
A Patriotic one this time.
Inspired by one of my paintings that has been sold.
Have always loved it and decided to make it a 
Punch Needle pattern. 

* * *
For now, 
Have a pleasant day.
Peace and Blessings for ALL.
Thanks for visiting, hoping to see you again soon.
Thanks for visiting,

Monday, April 24, 2017


I finished the hooking part, 
blocked it once from the back 
and am now contemplating the finish.


The back side...

You can see some of the pattern lines, but that changed.
Not sure if I will use it for my sloped foot stool either.  It is extremely primitive...and has somehow grown on me. 
I am pleased with my first hooked rug.
I will do a 'fold forward' finish using black wool yarn.  I had  no particular use for it and I think the wool will suit it perfectly.
Then I will decide what to do with it. 

* * *
Thank you for stopping by ... Have a beautiful week.

* * *
Folk Art Hugs with Peace for ALL,

Friday, April 21, 2017

Did I say soon ? ? ?

This is surely Later not Sooner.
I got bogged down after having my Bladder Surgery,
which I have been dealing with for 17 years.  
I was told then that I'd get used to it.
~I am still waiting~
I count my BLESSINGS and should not complain 
as it is not an aggressive form of 
'shut my mouth'.  
* * *
I just listed this pattern on Etsy
"Spring is Here"   
 the one with the Pussy Willows
 that I so dearly love.  
It is attached to a vintage butter paddle.
Available in both, Instant Downloaded PDF 
and Paper mailed patterns.
 I can see this design displayed on a tall basket full of
Springtime flowers and of course some Pussy Willows. 
I Love it.  
When I find the right basket,  I will punch it again.

If interested, you can Click Here to get to My Etsy Shop.

Glad you came to visit...
It is lunchtime here in So Cal...
and still in my 'P.J.s'. 
Gonna have some lunch first, then head for the shower.

Have a pleasant rest of the day.

Folk Art Hugs with Peace for ALL,

Monday, April 17, 2017

Our family gathering...

Fun was had by all...
It was a wonderful buffet style meal 
and we enjoyed the beautiful outdoor weather.
Papa, Kyle, Pam, Jeff, Kylie, 
Cassie and the back of Kohana's head.
 Fur babies all included.
 Like father (Jeff) like son (Kolton) and our oldest grandson Kyle.
Sandy always has fun with family...but,
 she got a little sunburn.
Papa and 'his' Rusty,
our youngest daughter, Pam 
and youngest son, Jeff .
 That's Kolton and big Sis, Kohana
talking about desert...???
 On the right, that's Kylie and our Cassie, 
Jeff's wife and our talented DIL.
I should have gotten a picture of her cup cakes
 made to look like a yummy flower bouquet...
"What was I thinking???
where is my camera when I really need it???"
Ohhhh, HERE IT IS!
Cassie just sent me her picture of this beautiful piece of art...
I am so happy she took this picture...
It was too pretty to eat... 
but we did and was it 'DELISH'
Finally our 14 y.o. 'Deuce' says it all...
Is it time to go, I'm getting tired and need some rest.
He is such a sweet heart.

Hope everyone had a safe and Blessed Easter.
We did.
Peace, Love and Blessings for ALL,

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Eastertide Blessings . . .

We are getting ready for our family
get together on Holy Saturday
at our daughter, Pam & SIL, Jim's,
 home in Aliso Viejo, CA.
This is planned so we can get back to our 
homes for Easter Sunday Mass. 

Easter Blessings, Peace and Joy for ALL


Friday, March 31, 2017

Hot off the Hoop...

"Woodland's Rabbit"
An original Design
My fondness for Bunnies and Rabbits has inspired me one more time ... This is my "Woodland's Rabbit"
 Here is my design and the finished product.
A punch needle  design, framed in one of my rusty, tin pans.
I punched the cotton tail the longest loop and then snipped them to make them good 'n fluffy.
'Woodsy' himself, both his front leg and 
front hind leg were shorter loops.
ALL else was the shortest.
Attempting to create some dimension 
which is hard to show on a computer's monitor. 
He has a black, glass, bead eye, and the berries 
were all done with red, french knots. 
Then I slightly stuffed the design before applying the backing
which was then firmly attached to the rusty frame.
I could not stop there, so I tied some twine around the
 tin pan and tied if off with a bow 
as can be seen in the photo and is also removable. 
I really enjoyed playing with this design
 as I love embellishing, just as I do when I paint. 
* * *

Here it is as listed on my Ebay
'Tis SOLD. . . (April 7th)
and is now on its way to a new home...
Thank you, Sue
EnJoY !
* * *

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. 
I will, 'cause tomorrow (April 1st) we will be 
celebrating my B-Day.
That means a wonderful Mexican Food Restaurant.
Return home and EnJoY a
Chocolate chip, Fudge, Nut Desert
  by Baskin & Robbins.
Everything I asked for.
* * *
So for now...
Peace, Love and Joy to ALL,

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Received my small bouquet of Pussy Willow...

I received the Pussy Willows yesterday.  They are now in a small pewter pitcher and added them to my display for "Spring is Here".  I love it!  Such a sweet added touch to compliment my
 Butter Paddle Design.

 Am doing my usual 'Happy Dance' that I do whenever I am pleased, something you do not want to see ;o)...

This is just a short post...getting close to dinner time
 if ya know what I mean. 

Again, thanks to those who visit ... as you know, 
I dooo like company. 
And if anybody is interested, 
I will be making a PDF & paper pattern for 'Spring is Here"... 
to be available on my Etsy very soon.

* * *
Have a pleasant Friday and weekend too,

Folk Art Hugs and Peace for ALL,
God Bless America,

Sunday, March 26, 2017



My choice for naming this one...
The reasons being, the punch needle piece is securely attached to a vintage, wooden,Butter Paddle, therefore:
1~ Spring Fraktur style Bird is a mellow butter, yellow and 
2~Pussy willows are one of the first signs that Spring is about to start bursting out all over.  I stitched these longer than everything else and lightly tinted them for a touch of realism.
3~Purple/Lavender background represents springtime, stormy, rainy, weather... 
FYI~the Color Purple/Lavender calls for creative doings and seeks inspiration and originality through its creative efforts.

~ The Pussy Willow~
 is truly one of our most enduring spring rites, performed before spring even arrives. Snow still covers the earth, but warmer weather brings you out of winter captivity on a February day for a walk in the woods. You round a bend in a swampy area and, lo and behold! pussy willows greet your spring-starved eyes. You prune off a few branches studded with the furry catkins, to be brought home and honored as spring's earliest harbinger.
Can you tell that I am very fond of Pussy Willows? 
They bring back happy childhood memories. 
Am now waiting for some 'Pussy Willow' stems
 that I recently ordered.  
I will display them in one of my olde pint size 
milk bottles that Papa recovered while
 doing some excavation 
on one of his jobs here in So. Cal 
a few years back.  
the milk bottle does not represent spring time 
but it connects it to the butter paddle.
Final touch, I tied on my "Spring is Here" tag.

All other so appropriate for the meaning of Spring.

Oh yes, in case you did not notice, I did modify the 
original design...sometimes less is more.

*  *  *
As always, thanks so much for visiting...Enjoy!
I dooo like company.

Have a very pleasant week and always, 
Peace for ALL,

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Some of my ideas for a new design have been gnawing away at me.  I finally gave in and started measuring, sketching and drawing.  I traced it to my weaver's cloth.

Now my dilemma is??? COLORS  of floss???
I spent a lot of time yes'n and no'n on this one and that one.
My decision was made when I placed the order,
 no turning back. ;>) 
Hope I did good choosing  mostly Valdani & some DMC.
Now I can't even get started punchin' until I get my 'V' order.
I will probably entitle it
... Bird & Catkins' Spring Rites ...

 Here's a little closer look.
It is shaped to fit on a paddle.
Can you guess what kind?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Any ways, gots to go ~ see ya next time.

Have a pleasant day.

Village Folk Art Hugs with Peace for ALL,

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

2 DOWN ~ 4 TO GO

It's time to decorate our artificial 'Easter Tree'.
We need more ornies... so decided to use my Easter tide patterns, reduce the size, and improvise.
Here's the first two...
one a bit more primitive with the darker green
the second not so primitive ... more springtime-y.
 ~ ~ ~
I hope to do 2 or 3 more of each.  
Making all of them different, but keeping 
the Easter Bunny design the same...
This is the part I enjoy the most, the embellishing part.
Gots plenty of time ~ start playing.
Easter is April, 16th this year.
'Til next time ~ Enjoy.
Thanks for visiting,
Peace, Barb