Saturday, April 27, 2013

Primitive Lamb Pantry Cake...

Sometime ago, I purchased a "Griswold Lamb Cast Iron mold".  It had been painted green so I had son sand blast it to sort of restore it to its original state... meaning rusty (in due time).  We accomplished that and I wanted to see if I could make a Primitive Pantry cake from the mold.  This is the result, actually better than expected.  Not bad for a first time try.  Am loving it and now need to find a place to display my Primitive Lamb Pantry Cake.  

For now this will do.
Sitting on top of my Crock/Bucket Bench
Those white specks are the reflection of the sea salt that was used.

Enjoy the weekend all.  
It will be 90 today and tomorrow ... time to get some of my herbs potted. 

Peace & Blessings
"God Bless America"


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SAVED from the trash bin...


This is the Prairie Schooler Santa that I ruined when attempting to turn it into an ornament.  It was my first try and the linen began to fray.    I actually had put it in  the trash.  After a good amount of thought he was retrieved as I spent too much time doing the stitching.  I trimmed away the frayed linen, did a blanket stitch at the same time sewing it to the wool.  The pillow backing is the same wool, sewn together around the edges, lightly stuffed, ironed out to flatten and VOILA ... A very primitive looking ornie that will more than likely be made to look more vintage with a sprinkling of my grungy mix of coffee, vanilla and cinnamon.

Here he is...
looking more vintage.

Hope I have not bored you ... but, I am pleased with the end result 
and to think I was prepared to toss him out. 

As always, Peace and Blessings.
Thanks for visiting, 

* * *

Monday, April 22, 2013

Vibrant Rainbow

This Bright and beautiful Rainbow has been appearing in our garage as the morning sun is shining through the garage door window...onto the silvery backside of my husbands 'ARMY' decal that is affixed to the golf cart windshield and then reflecting onto the coverlet in our golf cart.  

Isn't it vibrant and beautiful ~ and only about 12" tall?

"God Bless America" 
* * *