Sunday, July 14, 2013


After nearly 52 years of marriage, we now have a grandson,
 Kolton M. Shores, 
who will be carrying on the 'Shores' name.
That's Papa holding our 5 month old hunk, 
Kolton and our son Jeff looking on.

Yes, we have one more grandson, 
Kyle M. Pearson, now 7 years old.
Shown here with his paternal Grandfather Dick Pearson, 
a retired U.S.Air Force pilot (Thunderbirds) and father Jim.  This had to be taken six years ago.  
This Christmas (2013), we will update 
the Generational photos.

Can you tell I am a VERY PROUD GRANDMA?

Thanks friends for visiting,
Peace & Blessing to all and 
God Bless America,

Friday, July 5, 2013


I finished the hem last night.  First I removed the 13th linen thread out from the border trim.  For me this gave a guide line to fold the linen for the hem.  I then stitched with my machine approx 1/4" beyond the omitted thread and trimmed the linen up to and close to the machine stitching.  
Folded back the linen using the omitted linen line for guidance, and using 'Liquid Stitch' (learned this from Marly) and a Q-tip (the kind used for manicuring), glued the hem.  I did not want any stitching showing on the front hemmed edge.
Next ... to the framer.  
Not sure when that will be cause I have to see my Neurosurgeon on 7/11 as I am having much difficulty walking upright.  5 years ago I had an X-stop implant between the 4th & 5th vertebrae for severe Sciatica.  It actually gave me my life back.  The x-rays taken yesterday show that the X-stop may have slipped out a little.  I surely do not want to be wheel chair bound, but then it could be worse than that.  
I have trust in the Man above and if it is His will, then so be it.

Anyways, hope your 4th was GREAT as was ours.  
Have a Super day & weekend with Peace and Blessings to all,

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


WHEEW...For me this is an accomplishment as I thought the border would take me forever.  
Actually, it went pleasantly faster than anticipated.
It is not pressed, nor the side seams sewn in place, but, besides the final finishing touches 
my X-stitchin' on this is DONE. 
YUP, it will be framed.
My only regret is that the flowers and green bird on the bottom fade into the linen...would have preferred them to be brighter ... BUT 
... that was not a change to be made as it is a copy of an original museum sampler.  
Of course, all my unintentional flaws make it mine.
None the less ...  
Happy 4th of July everyone...
Remember, this is the 

"Land of the Free, with Liberty & Justice for ALL"... 
"God Bless America"