Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Received my unfinished frame on Friday.
Spent Saturday doing the 'Faux Tortoise' graining.
Laced it to foam core on Sunday (after mass of course)....

Here it is ... Framed.
I am happy with the end result.
Now to find a place for it???
A wall (limited)?
Table top (also limited)?
I am not thrilled with having to scale down these days.

NOT sure what my next endeavor will be... 
depends on my mood & frame of mind.

*  *  *
As always thanks for visiting...

EnJoY the day with Peace to all,

Enjoying 'President's Day'...

Placed my silhouettes of George & Abe 
on our mantle...
To enjoy and help remember our history.

Have a great week...

*  *  *

Friday, February 12, 2016

BEAR WITH ME ...please.

I have had 'puter problems for months now and am trying to get back to normal??? if there is such a thing.
Screen on my Dell laptop had to be replaced, but, 
before I did that I figured it was kaput.  
Sooo, son found an Acer laptop, which I purchased.  
After which I found out my Dell screen was salvageable and had the screen replaced.   
...Long story Short...
Now I have two laptops.  
I LOVE my DELL, which has been collecting dust since having it fixed.
Now I am taking pictures making sure that part works.  

Here is a 'pic' of my Turkey punch needle pillow 
with mini pom poms for trim.
Cute, Huh ??? 
It (Dell) works, Yaaaaa!

* * *

Thanks for puttin' up with me.  Have a wonderful day!

TTYL with Peace for all, Barb