Friday, February 12, 2016

BEAR WITH ME ...please.

I have had 'puter problems for months now and am trying to get back to normal??? if there is such a thing.
Screen on my Dell laptop had to be replaced, but, 
before I did that I figured it was kaput.  
Sooo, son found an Acer laptop, which I purchased.  
After which I found out my Dell screen was salvageable and had the screen replaced.   
...Long story Short...
Now I have two laptops.  
I LOVE my DELL, which has been collecting dust since having it fixed.
Now I am taking pictures making sure that part works.  

Here is a 'pic' of my Turkey punch needle pillow 
with mini pom poms for trim.
Cute, Huh ??? 
It (Dell) works, Yaaaaa!

* * *

Thanks for puttin' up with me.  Have a wonderful day!

TTYL with Peace for all, Barb