Wednesday, October 23, 2019


I am still procrastinating ... wish I could overcome this flaw...
"Santa on Unicycle" is being put on the back burner for now. 
"Sleepy Time Santa" is calling me... 
so here it goes as he is one of my 29" tall 'Dummy Boards' 
that will be gifted to my son & DIL for our three young munchkins.

Here it is with my precious Kohana a few years ago. 
He will soon look great on their staircase landing 
as the grand babies go to bed and have visions 
of sugar plums dancing in their dreamy heads...

For now he will become one of my new punch needle design ornies.
Just have to reduce the size of an already smaller ornament pattern 
down to Punch Needle size ... not so bad and faster too.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Making this Santa into a Punch Needle Pattern

This is a picture of my painted Victorian Santa riding a vintage unicycle...
He is currently a 'Dummy Board' about 30" tall.
Now to reduce him down to size for punch needle..
oH, oH still in storage...
Here's a picture from the cover of my book "MERRY OLDE SANTA".
Have been thinking about this for some time ... it is now or never.

This is my "Sleepy Santa" Dummy Board... in front of the fireplace,
 and my beautiful Granddaughter dancing in front of him ... AWESOME memories.

It's never too soon to think 'Christmas' ... it is creeping up on us way too quickly.

Better get started ... already running out of time.

Have a Super, Great weekend.  It's beautiful out there.

Folk Art Hugs and thanks for the visit,


Thursday, October 17, 2019

Needing a break ...

Yup, I guess I have Dupuytrens in my right hand ring finger.
It has been a problem for years and always called it a trigger finger.
Injections always gave me relief for many months, but now I have this knot in the 
middle of my palm and do not remember having that before. 
My social life involves visiting the Dr's. offices regularly.  what FUN!
Will have to  lay off the punch needle for while...
I just listed my last and hopefully really NOT my last design on Etsy...
He is so cute with that big fuzzy tail...
Loving how the acorn turned out with some small Maple leaves too.
This picture show the tail after I clipped the longer loops.

In this photo, Mr.Grey is still in the hoop, needing more background to be added. 
Added his glass eye giving him some life. 
Long loops have not been clipped.
See the difference?
That's the fun part, creating dimension and texture varying those loop lengths.

Now I need a break, sit back, watch the Yankees play and hope to relax.

A brief update for those of you who know...
Our Sandy, born with Williams Syndrome.
 just turned 55 in August and has always lived with us.
 As they get older they have anxiety and problems with depression. .
This last May,  I was no longer able to help and keep her safe.
The past six months has been the most difficult time of my entire life.
 Dr. Chris McDougle, a Professor at Harvard, sent to us from WS Association.
Christopher McDougle, MD, is the Director of the Lurie Center for Autism, a multidisciplinary program that treats children, adolescents and adults with autism spectrum and other neurodevelopmental disorders.  In addition to persons with autism spectrum disorder, Dr. McDougle specializes in the diagnosis and pharmacological treatment of those with Williams syndrome, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and Angelman syndrome, among others, especially adults.
This Doctor's God sent guidance is making the difference. 
I Thank the Lord daily for sending Doctor McDougle to us.

Our Prayers have kept me strong.
I continue to "Trust in Jesus".

Thank you for the visit.
Peace and Blessings for ALL,

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Making more ornaments

I have had many requests for the "SANTA'S TREE ORNAMENT" pattern.
I am now making these for our Christmas gift giving.
Love this time of year and like planning ahead.

This pattern is available with three different sizes, 3 1/2", 4 1/2" and 5 1/2".  
No need to enlarge as you will get all three sizes in the pattern for your convenience.

making mine in the 4 1/2" size for gifting.

We are enjoying perfect weather her in the 71's, a little blustery, some clouds no rain.  We could always use some of that wet stuff.  Maybe white stuff this year ... I hope!

Anyways, thanks for visiting
"Take JOY and CREATE",

Peace and Blessings for all,

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


It's that time of year...
Planning for the Holidays ... I LOVE it!

It is cooler and  blustery ... just as I like it.

Cozy up with a pot of stew on the stove and biscuits ready to be baked.

Finished my last 2019 Halloween design
I am very pleased with the end result.  
Hope you will too. If not, that too is OK.


I punched all with Valdani 8 perle cotton thread.  
Used several needle depths/gauges for added dimension.
Added 5mm black beads for the eyes.
Sewed long running cross stitches for the stars.
Hung him from and old vintage rusty key.
Display as YOU wish...

He is available as a Mailed paper pattern as well as Instant downloaded PDF.
"BAT WINGS for JACK" pattern #190910.

Would love for you to have a friendly visit ... enjoy
and remember to 

"Take JOY and CREATE"

Folk Art Hugs for all ... 

Monday, July 22, 2019

Time to return to some Bloggin'

Have not had much desire to post on my Blog... so here it goes.

Have our home listed up For Sale.
Need to be closer and with family these days.
Hopefully in the Murieta, CA area.
Gots to sell first, then we go from there.

Our precious Sondra, is still struggling with depression.
Inland Regional Center has failed us miserably.
Williams Syndrome Association a non-profit organization for those needing help and support has served us beyond belief with referrals to those who can provide the care Sandy needs.
Too much going on to include here, but we are finally seeing light at the end of that ugly tunnel.
My prayers are being answered slowly but for sure.  Must keep faith.

My punch needle designing keeps me preoccupied with happier thoughts to keep myself healthy and strong for our family.

So here is one of my new designs and those not so new...
My rainbow is featured in 'Punch Needle and Primitive Stitching' Magazine.
"A rainbow smiles away the clouds"
Last year's JOL designs
Crusty the hobo snowman, last winters punch needle design.

Still working on my pennies off and on, more off than on.  
They are good fill-ins especially when waiting in then Doctor's waiting room.
Love and miss visiting with all you faithful bloggers.
Will try and make my visits more frequent. 

Hope everyone is able to keep kool, we were 101 yesterday
and a little cooler today 98 with LOW humidity, thank goodness.
Peace and Blessings for all,

Friday, June 21, 2019


For us patriotism is in Season ALL YEAR . . .


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Not Sure what to Post ???

Sandy always thought something special was happening when she saw a 'RAINBOW' 
My World is UPSIDE down...
Our Sandy has been hospitalized since May 6th.  
For those who do not know her she was born with Williams Syndrome on August 18th, 1964.
Here is a picture of her happily stringing popcorn for a 30' long garland three Christmases ago..
Everyone LOVEs Sandy, always so happy and she loves people. 
That is Williams Syndrome a "Cocktail Personality"

She has been severely the point of not wanting to go on.
I have a problem saying certain words.
Trying to find a psychologist who knows and understands Williams Syndrome is like looking for a needle in a haystack, or they are not interested in helping a 55 y.o.
As the child gets older hypertension often becomes a problem.
She is not responding well to counseling even with 40mg Fluoxetine/prozac. 
Both Chuck and I  are entering our 80's and have been concerned about finding a group home for her to which she has been reluctant.  
It is a heart breaking decision as she has been with us for all of her 55 years.

I am looking for a psychiatrist and psychologist well versed and knowledgeable about WS.

PRAYERS, please...

Blessings and Peace for all,

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

HAPPY SPRING ... it has sprung.

Just want to say hi... I am still here.  NOT bloggin much these days.

Just punchin'

and appliqueing some.

keeping busy and out of trouble.

Hope your Easter was Blessed..
We celebrated ours with all four grandchildren 
and 3 out of four children.

Enjoy the day
and thanks for visiting.

Peace for ALL, Barb

Wednesday, January 2, 2019


A Little Belated, 
with a Heartfelt wish for all . . . 
* * * Happy New Year for 2019 * * *  
Loving the hectic times for this season,
Now I am ready to get back to routine.
We had an amazing 2018 Family Christmas Gathering. 
I would like to share a sweet story with 
our youngest grandchild Kolton...
  Our family Christmas celebration was amazing.  
It makes such a difference with the presence of smaller/younger children. 
Our youngest grandson, Kolton (5 y.o) and I were sharing
 that Christmas is Jesus's birthday.
 Kolton asked me during our talk how did Jesus get out of Mary's tummy? 
Well, I was flabbergasted and looked at my dil and asked if 
they have had this sort of discussion before (where babies come from)?  
She shook her head "NO, but you can tell him Grama"... 
I thanked Cassie ...
To make a long story short, 
I attempted to explain that the Father is God, 
the Son is Jesus and the Holy Spirit does magic.  
When our discussion finally ended Kolton said too me 
" Oh! God Bless you Grama".

Kohana top, Kolton, Kylie and Kyle now 13 y.o.
Our 4 wonderful grandchildren, the 4Ks.
 Now you know why our Christmas was Special.
 *     *     *     *
Wishing you all a Blessed, Healthy, and safe 2019 . . .

The Shores Family