Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas for us ... to share with you.

Yes, I love and thrive on the hectic life that we look forward to preparing for that most blessed day of the year, Christmas. 
The past few months have been amazing. 
I now willingly accept getting back to a routine lifestyle.
Soon 2019 will be upon us ... with many unknown events awaiting each and every one of us. 🤗😍😉🎇
*       *       *        *       *
Sharing some Christmas (they are limited) decorations. 
This happens with age.
Our Nativity
Our 7.5 foot tree.  
It too is getting smaller with fewer memory ornaments 
and Sandy's popcorn garland is not there either.
Our Entry space.
No flashing lights this year.

Maybe next year will be different.  Maybe NOT.
Papa is having severe back problems and 
cannot get around as he and I would like. 
This limits our plans and I cannot do it all without his help.
What you see is what we have to share and enjoy.

Wishing one and ALL, a Blessed and Happy New year..