Friday, November 30, 2012

progress still in the works

 I am finally on my very last of 8
~ Prairie Schooler ~
'Father Christmas' ornaments.
that's the blue Santa (bottom left)... 
I WILL finish in the next two days!!!

  The green guy was in the trash at one time, when I had an epiphany to try and salvage him.  He was the first one I attempted to finish with the backing and ending up being all lop sided ... not at all acceptable.  Then the linen started to fray when I began ripping apart.  I came up with the solution to work around the frayed ends using fray check which is visible as a darker tint around the frayed edges. 
Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this 
or blend it in???

He will not match the others but then that is better than trashing all that work.

  This is the backside (center) still needing to be hand sewn to the stitched side with some polyester batting in between.

The one on the right is how the others all look finished... with yet one more to go this weekend.  I am so ready to get busy with some other project ... like finish my "Briar Rabbit" by La-D-Da that was interrupted to stitch these guys when I was so inspired by Marly and her works of the same pattern.

My brood of Father Christmas ornies stacked in a knife tray with some Sweet Annie in the back and twigs of Cedar tucked in around the front side.  They all do not fit & that's OK.
 Not sure where they will be displayed as I have just dismantled all the Fall stuff.
YUP, those are my sad cloved Pears ... 
bottom right. 

Gots to get busy and to work or Christmas will come and go and I'll  still be at it ... hahaha, so typical of me ... Pokey Grama.

Thanks so much for visiting ... Enjoy.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I finally put my "squirrel", special request from 
Lori Ann Corelis : The Spotted Hare  
on the sideboard with other fall gatherings ... 
getting ready for the kids Thanksgiving Day visit.  
 Gonna let the grandchildren name him/her. 
 Now I have a companion for my Bunny, Thumper, also created by Lori Ann.  
I can't say enough how much I cherish her works.

A close up really shows how impeccable Loriann's creations are.  
He/She is holding an acorn mounted to a blackened makedo candle stick holder.
It is perched on one of my wooden pedestals,
& I poked some bitter sweet around Mr. Squirrel to add a bit of color to the festivities.
Above is my Grandmother's crocheted 'BREAD' piece,
 another one of my treasures.  
 Thank you so much LoriAnn ... I LUV him/her.

Just a quick look at my stitchin' corner - with the basket from  
Joanna's Collections, 
Country Home Basketry & More
Primitive Rooster Silhouette from 
 Pumpkinvine Primitives 
by Roger and Susan Walker.
both are on ETSY.
Thank you all - these are incredible works
It just gives me a warm & cozy feeling when
 bringing into being X-stitch samplers while stitching in MY chair.

 Thanks so much for visiting, hope to see you again.
Just needed to express and show some
 Happy Thoughts and pictures.  
Hope not to bore you.

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Friday, November 9, 2012


I just hung my new Candle Holder from Carol at
 'Firecracker Kid' ... 
I love it and it's perfect here in my entry above Papa's chimney cabinet.


Then there is my 'Clove Studded Pear'. 
Not as pretty as Marly's but, it is my first.  I Plan on doing more even though I was frustrated after poking all those cloves into this big and juicy pear ... 
It will be smaller and I will not dust the pear with ground cloves and cinnamon.

At least it is NOT all green and Fuzzy!
Thanks so much for visiting.
 PEACE to all.