Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Thought I'd do some wool pennies and 
make a diamond shaped penny mat.
Here it is ALL DONE.

 This is what the backside looks like...
 This was such an enjoyable project.  
Now I am ready to take on something a little bigger 
for either my 9' long farm table or the 40" square coffee table.
Not sure yet.  
It will be a hexagon shape that will work for either one
In the meantime I will get back to punchin' some small, cute ornaments for Christmas .... Yes I did say Christmas.
 Already got a start on it . . .
Will share when this one is done as there will be two.
For now, I have to get back to,
my "Take Joy and Create" mode.
Keeps me busy, happy and useful.

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit. 

Wishing you Peace for all with Blessings ,


Monday, August 20, 2018

Sandy's Birthday ...

It was very quiet ...
Everyone had places to go and things to do.
But, The B'Day will last thru the week.
B'Day wishes still coming in the mail and on the phone. 
We went to the  Olive Garden for a delicious lunch  and brought more home for an enjoyable dinner.
Waiting for us at home was this incredible, and our traditional Baskin Robbins chocolate chip, fudge, nut cake.

Sandy could hardly wait for her cake.
We lit the candles . . .
she was able to blow all 5 + 4=(54) out.
She stood there with a look of success ... "I did it"!
Today, several gifts will arrive
many more calls. 
Mom and Dad sang the HB'Day song.
Yes, it was quiet most of the time. 

...She is the "Sunshine of Our Lives"...

We Love you honey, the whole wide world,
Mom & Dad, 
Pam, Kyle, Jim, 
Jeff, Cassie, Kohana, Kylie and Kolton

Friday, August 17, 2018

The FINALE for WHOOO . . .

My 'Finale' for this design is a 
perfectly, simple and easy 7" inch pillow 
using a homespun fabric that 
I have been hoarding for years...
just waiting for the ideal project.

Love the Finale . . . 

Thank you for the visit ...
Hope your day and weekend is enjoyable. 
*     *     *
We are celebrating our Sandy's Birthday tomorrow.
I cannot believe she will be 54 years young,
the "Sunshine of our lives" .
Here she is with part of our family a few years back . . .
our son Jeff, holding our beautiful grand daughters, 
Kohana and Kylie 
and then our wonderful DIL, Cassie holding our handsome grandson Kolton.
Sandy adores Ko, Ky and Kolton.
They are the reason we would like to move to Murrietta, CA.,
to be closer for more frequent visits.

for now, I wish for all Peace and Blessings,



Monday, August 13, 2018

"WHOOO"~have a Happy 'Owl-O-Ween'

This is
 It is a round 5 3/4" punch needle pattern using 
Valdani threads with a fringed edge.
It looks like an oval but that is due to the angle 
from which the picture was taken. 

He is wearing a special, made just for him, witches hat.
A couple of batty friends have taken flight, giving their approval to his happy 'Owl-O-Ween' masquerade,
with the harvest full moon rising behind them,
 there will be dancing in the light
with enchanted 'Trick or Treaters' celebrating the night.

Several longer loops have been used to create dimension and his white feathered chest loops are snipped to give a feathery look.
My finish for this design will become an eight inch pillow 
stitched to the wool fabric shown in the upper left corner.
The Finale will be forth coming in the next few days 
after I prepare the pattern instructions soon to be available on:

I love Owls ... as I envisioned Whooo ... he came to life.

Thanks everyone for your visit.
Peace and Blessings with Folk Art hugs,

Monday, August 6, 2018

Ghoultide JOL Totem ...

Another "Show and Tell" ...

Originally this was to be on a wooden horn book .... 
After some thought the oval shape is perfect to make it a 5"x 6 1/2" pillow/tuck.  
Had FUN creating and punching this piece and it is now available as a mailed or PDF- instant downloaded pattern.
The Pattern includes...
A full color picture, Floss and Thread chart for Valdani & DMC threads used, a pattern template, step by step instructions for punching this design, and directions for the fringed trim. 
Some tips and general information for Punch Needle Embroidery are also included.

A final Halloween design is in the works called
'Happy OWL-o-ween.'
Can you guess what it might be?

Thanks for visiting,
FYI ~ have not been able to leave comments.  
Looks like they have to be anonymous ???
What is google up to?
I am not a happy camper these days.
Am able to visit as I have been but not commenting.
Any help?

Peace for all,