Monday, August 13, 2018

"WHOOO"~have a Happy 'Owl-O-Ween'

This is
 It is a round 5 3/4" punch needle pattern using 
Valdani threads with a fringed edge.
It looks like an oval but that is due to the angle 
from which the picture was taken. 

He is wearing a special, made just for him, witches hat.
A couple of batty friends have taken flight, giving their approval to his happy 'Owl-O-Ween' masquerade,
with the harvest full moon rising behind them,
 there will be dancing in the light
with enchanted 'Trick or Treaters' celebrating the night.

Several longer loops have been used to create dimension and his white feathered chest loops are snipped to give a feathery look.
My finish for this design will become an eight inch pillow 
stitched to the wool fabric shown in the upper left corner.
The Finale will be forth coming in the next few days 
after I prepare the pattern instructions soon to be available on:

I love Owls ... as I envisioned Whooo ... he came to life.

Thanks everyone for your visit.
Peace and Blessings with Folk Art hugs,