Tuesday, April 12, 2016


This is it... I am very pleased.
It gives some 'Pizz Zazz' to my little cozy nook with
the wall to wall farm table.

I used Matte Modge Podge, lightly tinted with Burnt Umber. 
It still had a shinny finish not matte as I was hoping.
The darker areas are due to me trying to eliminate
the shinny reflection when editing the photos
and in so doing made shadows .

I ran out of MP so must get some for the hems.  Otherwise,
I am done...finished...kaput, 
* * *
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Enjoy the day with Peace for all,


PS: The hems are all glued with Modge Podge and it lays perfectly flat.  
      MP was  a perfect my opinion. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

UPDATE - Stenciling is done

Big Sigh.....
I have finished the painting(stenciling).

Tomorrow, "I hope", I want to begin antiquing and glazing, all in one process.
But first, I need to experiment on a piece of remnant canvas 
to see just how that will work.  
For this step I'm thinking about using Modge Podge tinted with???
Not sure of color but it may be burnt umber or burnt sienna.
That is why I say "I hope".

Here are some close ups of design along the sides. 
Maybe I am not finished painting, cause I'd really like to
do some subtle marbleizing in those lighter side areas.  
Just thinking...  
 Whatever I do, 
the final step will be to glue the 1/2" hems on all four sides.
Then I can say


 Did you know that the 'Pineapple' is a symbol for Hospitality/Welcome?

 * * *
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

UPDATE~Stenciled Canvas Runner

I spent most of Sunday at Urgent Care with a diagnosed Bladder Infection and Kidney concerns...was treated with an antibiotic IV and RX for pills...
Tuesday, pain was still not getting better???
Went to ER early Tuesday...No more white blood cells in urine...CT Scan showed No Superficial Tumors in Bladder (have been treating this for 17 years) with kidney looking fine.  Blood work showed ALL IS WELL...
I have gotten a little behind with a big beautiful mess still on our farm table.
Pain persists while laying down and after sitting then walking.
Will see my Orthopedic Dr. on Monday for perhaps a hip problem??? 
Can't understand continued pain while walking if all is well .
Enough said ! ! !
Some Updates for today... 
must sit to paint, otherwise standing 
presents uncomfortable pain. 

~One End of Runner~

 ~Opposite End of Runner~
(using same stencil)

* * *

Tomorrow, I will begin the sides using the 'Vine and berries' part of stencil.
Yet to be blocked out, not wanting to get it too busy .
Less is often more.
LUV the Pineapple design 

In spite of my recent physical limitations...
I am really enjoying making this far.

~Hemming all four sides~
~It will be finished~

* * *

'til next time, Thanks for visiting
Peace to all,