Thursday, February 26, 2015


I had to get another piece of glass made up 
as I broke the original... 
Yup, so here it is finally framed.

Much Better... 

I had to take these pictures just as the sun was setting to avoid too much reflection.
~(A photographer I am NOT)~

* * *

Sunday, February 15, 2015

NOT Late, Just Early

NOT Late, Just Early
Christmas 2015...
 I started this Christmas Fraktur Design,
 'The Christmas Star' 
after Thanksgiving 2014.  
Well, the Christmas rush was upon us...
spending 3 different Christmas get togethers with family... 
not much of a New Years for us...  
as the three of us were coming down with the dreaded coughing that has been going around, first one then the other for six weeks consecutively.  
I can happily say we are back to normal...more or less.  
Today, Sunday, being 'a day of rest', 
I made an effort to finish my Christmas Fraktur.
It needs a frame, otherwise, 
I am delighted with it.
Naturally, I have a little story/symbolism to explain the title...

The Poinsettia is known as  
"The Christmas Star”  
or the "Christmas Flower", as it is also the December birth flower.

This flower’s association with Christmas comes from a Mexican legend...
The legend is told that a child with no means has to take a gift to a Christmas eve church service.
Being penniless, the child picked weeds from the side of the road. 
The congregation witnessed a miracle when the weeds turned into beautiful red and green flowers on the altar. 
These weeds, of course, turned out to be the Pointsettia.

I love this story, with hopes you have enjoyed it too. 

As always, Peace, Health and Blessings to all.
* * *

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Loves getting under the Blankets

Rusty loves to snuggle and get under the blankets too...
He is so 'dad gum' cute!

Don't you agree???

After doing some research on 
Labrador Retrievers...We found that 
he has personality traits and looks exactly like a 
'Vizsla' = Hungarian Pointer.
We are convinced that we are the proud parents of a purebred... 
or at least Papa thinks so...yes, so do I.

* * *