Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Trimmed with wool Penny Tongues ...

Yes, I like the wool penny tongues but displayed 
on my tobacco basket.  
Too busy for me.
I still like the gold wool background the most.  
But then that's me.
You can take your pick or do something totally different.
This will become a pattern, "HEART to HEART",
  inspired by traditional 'FRAKTUR' designs.
 Love is always in season for us, not just for February 14th.
St Valentine's Day is shared with 
'Ash Wednesday' this year. 

I would love to see it done up as a pillow... 
now why did I not do this?
I still can, the backing is finished with soft flannel 
and can be easily appliqued on a lovely wool pillow. 
Hope to have the pattern on my Etsy in a day or two.
Still a little under the weather with this eye lid surgery and now topped off with what is more commonly know as 'Nasopharyngitis' - or what I call Acute Post Nasal Drip, accompanied with 
a warning that the cough could last 6-8 weeks.
Any ways my creative friends... Hope your day and week is a healthy one.  6 to 8 more weeks???  Holy C-w!
Thanks so much for the visit ... they are always appreciated.

Warm wishes and Peace for all,

Friday, January 26, 2018


It is all punched and need to decide which color of wool to use for the blanket stitched tongues I want to use for the finish.

The gold or burgundy?
I was planning on using the gold, 
but now that I see it in a picture, 
I believe it will be the burgundy. 
Each one offers a different perspective.
What do you think?
H E L P ? ? ? 
Have a great day... I am off for the a.m., TTYL,
Folk Art Hugs,

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I cannot believe how much my vision has been affected
by this eye lid surgery.  Still blurred, watering and burning.  
Yet they say I can read as much as I want.
I am slowly closing in on completing the background fill.
The design will be done and soon to be ready to 
place on my Etsy shoppe.  
I love the earthy colors and Rustic Moire Wool 
has an impressive collection of primitive, natural choices.

The final finish, will be my next endeavor. 
I am really excited about using wool pennies 
with blanket stitching for this.  
Trying to decide on which wool color to use. 
But first, another cold compress for 20 minutes.
Will show the completed design in a day or so???
Thanks for bearing with me and visiting too.  
I appreciate your company and comments.
* * *
"Heart to Heart"
~Always in Season~ 
"Take Joy and Create"
Peace and Blessings,

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

"Heart to Heart"

On January 8th, we celebrated the "Baptism of the Lord".  Christmas is now officially over. We packed away the Nativity and Christmas tree with all our memory ornaments.  
Sad, we enjoy the lighted Nativity & Christmas Tree 
in the evenings.  It is a warm and cozy feeling.

I started my "Heart to Heart" design, usually meant for Valentine's Day. LOVE is always in season, so why not display and enjoy ALL year long. 
 It is being done with my new favorite Rustic Moire Wool.
Love the soft, variegated and NO sheen look to it.
Using colors that are very earthy and primitive,
with a hint of olde time fraktur elements.
Still contemplating the finish.  
Maybe an appliqued wool mat with penny tongue trim???  Gots to find a good complimentary color for that.
The design will soon be ready and available on my Etsy.
The Finish will take a while longer.
Tomorrow I will be getting my droopy eyelids lifted.  Feeling a bit anxious about the afterwards treatment.  
20 minutes of ice pack On and 20 Off. 
Not needed if sleeping.
Certainly not my usual routine and for a whole week.
The following week, will be applying warm packs but, 
not so often.
That's two whole weeks.  
Yikes, I am not liking this kind of confinement.
I should be very happy with the outcome as it will open up a whole lot of light on the world around me. 
Hoping all goes well.

'Til then, I thank you for visiting, have a wonderful day
"Take Joy and Create"

Peace and Blessings for all,