Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our front door wreath & KODY

Just wanted to wish you all a 

Saw the wonderful 
 'Monogramed Door Wreath'
on Yvonne's Blog,
Could not resist it and ordered one for us. 
First initial is for hubs 'C', 
center and bigger initial 'S', our last name, 
and initial on right 'B' is mine. 
(CSB) I did not follow the rules but 
that was my choice. 

It was sponge painted red and then added
clear German Glass Glitter to gussy up our 
prim'n rusty Christmas wreath.

 Our front porch is small and was able to include our rusty punched tin lantern.

I think it all says "WELCOME"... 

Just added a quick picture of Kody Bear... 
Poor baby had some lumps removed (fortunately nothing to worry about).
Now he has to wear one of those 
nasty 'lamp shades' ~ wished I could do it for him.

* * *

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keeping the Christmas Spirit . . .

We are asking the Lord with much prayer for ALL the victims in Newtown, to heal and find as much Peace as is possible.  It is difficult to imagine such a sad taking of so many precious, young & innocent lives.
~ ~ ~
This will, I am sure, be my last post until next year.  So, may I wish you All a very  
Merry Christmas 
with Love, Peace & Blessings
 and a 
Happy & Prosperous New Year.

Also, here is a picture of my final Prairie Schooler, #8, Santa ornament ~ I did it, Yaaaa!
& my last Cloved Pear has nearly shrunk down to the size of my first but, with a better shape ... wished I could say the same.
Am sharing some of our Home with Christmas Decorations ... Hope you enjoy the visit.


Thanks for following and Blessings to ALL...

* * *

Tuesday, December 4, 2012



I love these as much as I love making the traditional orange and lemon pomanders.   
Up 'til this year I never saw anything like a cloved pear. 
Perhaps I am living a sheltered life, 
which I highly doubt.

When I saw Marly's I knew I had to try my hand at it.
She has been very generous and patient giving instructions on 
'How to Make' these lovely and delightful pears.  
Thanks so much Marly (Samplers & Santas) for sharing this enjoyable tradition.
The one on the right is my first big plump and juicy (NOT a Bosc) pear and I thought I'd never do another.  It was labeled 'Bosc' (what do I know about pears as they are not one of my favorite fruits for eating) so I bought it.  

Next time shopping I found a real 'Bosc' pear - properly marked, and I knew instantly that the first one was NOT.
The pear on the right is the 'real Bosc'.  Certainly a more wonderful, taller pear shape.  
It has been about 4 days since being cloved and appears to be doing very well.  I did not roll and rub this one around in ground cinnamon and cloves as I did shorty (now about 4 weeks old) and I do prefer the look.  Looks like it is shrinking nicely.

Happy Holidays! 
Thanks for visiting ...
Peace & Blessings to all.