Friday, February 22, 2013


"Briar Rabbit" by La-D-Da, 
is completely finished.
Even though I have envisioned it framed from the start,
I made a decision to make it a decorator pillow 
inspired by a recent design
from Brenda Gervais ~ "Letters for Santa".
I took a chance trying to find the right color of 'ticking fabric'.
It was almost like looking for a needle in a haystack...but I got lucky.
After toning it down with walnut crystals I think I did good.
I used cluny lace trim instead of ric rac with which I am very pleased.

Yaaaa, another finished project and I am HAPPY!

* * *

Next pattern I have already begun working on is an 
Antique Needlework Adaptation by
Nan Lewis
Threadwork Primitives 
R. M. Martz
The Restoration of my Humble Spirit
Worke # 4 Ohio Treasure

Not much to look at yet, 
but I am really excited about this sampler
This will not be a pillow, it WILL be framed...

Thanks for visiting ...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Like the song says...

"It never rains in Southern California"   IT SNOWS!!!

From our patio looking out over the Golf course.
My St Frances of Asissi and Bunny statue and critters barn.

The Koi-less pond with a Palm tree in the background ...haaa, LUV it.
No golfers today ... YET
We are planning to move the end of this year to UTAH ... 
We are calling it California Exodus!!!
LOTS more snow there...YAaaaaaaaa!

* * * 

Here's a few more pics of my 
daughter, Sandy and grandson, Kyle...
They were surely having a great time.
Kody wants to help too! 
He even got some snow on his cute nose.

Their proud snowman ... crows finally got the carrot.

My Puppy Love, Kody says it's time to go in...It's gettin' cold out here.

Have a safe and warm day...

* * *