Friday, March 31, 2017

Hot off the Hoop...

"Woodland's Rabbit"
An original Design
My fondness for Bunnies and Rabbits has inspired me one more time ... This is my "Woodland's Rabbit"
 Here is my design and the finished product.
A punch needle  design, framed in one of my rusty, tin pans.
I punched the cotton tail the longest loop and then snipped them to make them good 'n fluffy.
'Woodsy' himself, both his front leg and 
front hind leg were shorter loops.
ALL else was the shortest.
Attempting to create some dimension 
which is hard to show on a computer's monitor. 
He has a black, glass, bead eye, and the berries 
were all done with red, french knots. 
Then I slightly stuffed the design before applying the backing
which was then firmly attached to the rusty frame.
I could not stop there, so I tied some twine around the
 tin pan and tied if off with a bow 
as can be seen in the photo and is also removable. 
I really enjoyed playing with this design
 as I love embellishing, just as I do when I paint. 
* * *

Here it is as listed on my Ebay
'Tis SOLD. . . (April 7th)
and is now on its way to a new home...
Thank you, Sue
EnJoY !
* * *

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. 
I will, 'cause tomorrow (April 1st) we will be 
celebrating my B-Day.
That means a wonderful Mexican Food Restaurant.
Return home and EnJoY a
Chocolate chip, Fudge, Nut Desert
  by Baskin & Robbins.
Everything I asked for.
* * *
So for now...
Peace, Love and Joy to ALL,

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Received my small bouquet of Pussy Willow...

I received the Pussy Willows yesterday.  They are now in a small pewter pitcher and added them to my display for "Spring is Here".  I love it!  Such a sweet added touch to compliment my
 Butter Paddle Design.

 Am doing my usual 'Happy Dance' that I do whenever I am pleased, something you do not want to see ;o)...

This is just a short post...getting close to dinner time
 if ya know what I mean. 

Again, thanks to those who visit ... as you know, 
I dooo like company. 
And if anybody is interested, 
I will be making a PDF & paper pattern for 'Spring is Here"... 
to be available on my Etsy very soon.

* * *
Have a pleasant Friday and weekend too,

Folk Art Hugs and Peace for ALL,
God Bless America,

Sunday, March 26, 2017



My choice for naming this one...
The reasons being, the punch needle piece is securely attached to a vintage, wooden,Butter Paddle, therefore:
1~ Spring Fraktur style Bird is a mellow butter, yellow and 
2~Pussy willows are one of the first signs that Spring is about to start bursting out all over.  I stitched these longer than everything else and lightly tinted them for a touch of realism.
3~Purple/Lavender background represents springtime, stormy, rainy, weather... 
FYI~the Color Purple/Lavender calls for creative doings and seeks inspiration and originality through its creative efforts.

~ The Pussy Willow~
 is truly one of our most enduring spring rites, performed before spring even arrives. Snow still covers the earth, but warmer weather brings you out of winter captivity on a February day for a walk in the woods. You round a bend in a swampy area and, lo and behold! pussy willows greet your spring-starved eyes. You prune off a few branches studded with the furry catkins, to be brought home and honored as spring's earliest harbinger.
Can you tell that I am very fond of Pussy Willows? 
They bring back happy childhood memories. 
Am now waiting for some 'Pussy Willow' stems
 that I recently ordered.  
I will display them in one of my olde pint size 
milk bottles that Papa recovered while
 doing some excavation 
on one of his jobs here in So. Cal 
a few years back.  
the milk bottle does not represent spring time 
but it connects it to the butter paddle.
Final touch, I tied on my "Spring is Here" tag.

All other so appropriate for the meaning of Spring.

Oh yes, in case you did not notice, I did modify the 
original design...sometimes less is more.

*  *  *
As always, thanks so much for visiting...Enjoy!
I dooo like company.

Have a very pleasant week and always, 
Peace for ALL,

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Some of my ideas for a new design have been gnawing away at me.  I finally gave in and started measuring, sketching and drawing.  I traced it to my weaver's cloth.

Now my dilemma is??? COLORS  of floss???
I spent a lot of time yes'n and no'n on this one and that one.
My decision was made when I placed the order,
 no turning back. ;>) 
Hope I did good choosing  mostly Valdani & some DMC.
Now I can't even get started punchin' until I get my 'V' order.
I will probably entitle it
... Bird & Catkins' Spring Rites ...

 Here's a little closer look.
It is shaped to fit on a paddle.
Can you guess what kind?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Any ways, gots to go ~ see ya next time.

Have a pleasant day.

Village Folk Art Hugs with Peace for ALL,

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

2 DOWN ~ 4 TO GO

It's time to decorate our artificial 'Easter Tree'.
We need more ornies... so decided to use my Easter tide patterns, reduce the size, and improvise.
Here's the first two...
one a bit more primitive with the darker green
the second not so primitive ... more springtime-y.
 ~ ~ ~
I hope to do 2 or 3 more of each.  
Making all of them different, but keeping 
the Easter Bunny design the same...
This is the part I enjoy the most, the embellishing part.
Gots plenty of time ~ start playing.
Easter is April, 16th this year.
'Til next time ~ Enjoy.
Thanks for visiting,
Peace, Barb

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

EASTER-TIDE PATTERNS available on My Etsy

~'Tis Done~

I really am enjoying designing & creating 
these small punch needle patterns.
Hoping you too will be delighted and include them
for your Easter celebrations with family & friends.

What I am trying to say is... 

 'Bunny Rabbit Weather-vane'

'Easter Delivery' 

my two recent Easter-tide designs
are now available on my Etsy 

 Click here to go to my Etsy

Hope you'll stop by for a peek. 

They are available in either
 'Snail Mail' 
'PDF Instant Downloaded'.

...I like having patterns for sale ...
that means I can keep the originals
 for our Easter-tide enjoyment.

Easter is April 16th this year.

That gives you a good amount of time to punch 
these small 5" x 3 1/2", delightful patterns in time 
to share and partake with family and friends 
during your Easter festivities.
~ * * * ~
Hope to see you soon...

Have an Enjoyable rest of the week &
Peace for ALL,