Friday, March 31, 2017

Hot off the Hoop...

"Woodland's Rabbit"
An original Design
My fondness for Bunnies and Rabbits has inspired me one more time ... This is my "Woodland's Rabbit"
 Here is my design and the finished product.
A punch needle  design, framed in one of my rusty, tin pans.
I punched the cotton tail the longest loop and then snipped them to make them good 'n fluffy.
'Woodsy' himself, both his front leg and 
front hind leg were shorter loops.
ALL else was the shortest.
Attempting to create some dimension 
which is hard to show on a computer's monitor. 
He has a black, glass, bead eye, and the berries 
were all done with red, french knots. 
Then I slightly stuffed the design before applying the backing
which was then firmly attached to the rusty frame.
I could not stop there, so I tied some twine around the
 tin pan and tied if off with a bow 
as can be seen in the photo and is also removable. 
I really enjoyed playing with this design
 as I love embellishing, just as I do when I paint. 
* * *

Here it is as listed on my Ebay
'Tis SOLD. . . (April 7th)
and is now on its way to a new home...
Thank you, Sue
EnJoY !
* * *

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. 
I will, 'cause tomorrow (April 1st) we will be 
celebrating my B-Day.
That means a wonderful Mexican Food Restaurant.
Return home and EnJoY a
Chocolate chip, Fudge, Nut Desert
  by Baskin & Robbins.
Everything I asked for.
* * *
So for now...
Peace, Love and Joy to ALL,


  1. Hi Barb,
    A Most Happy Birthday to you!!! Sounds like fun plans and I hope you enjoy EACH MOMENT!! Your new bunny is just too sweet and I love everything about it! You sure have been busy with that punch needle!! Great job, as always!!!
    Happy Birthday Hugs, my friend~
    Julie xo

  2. Happy, happy birthday. Margaritas ~ YUM!
    Another sweet bunny :)

  3. Thank you sweet friends...
    Yes, it was a great day but, NO Margaritas...YET.
    We decided to Not drink as we were driving.

    Folk Art Hugs and Peace to ALL,