Monday, February 17, 2014

ELOISE Update ... a snail's pace.

Here I am 33 days later... I stitch when I can and 
I must be in the mood for it. 
 Otherwise... mistakes galore.  
NOT to imply that this is perfect, 
cause I KNOW it's NOT.
The challenge has been rewarding for far.
Guess that's cause I love the Heloise William's Sampler and knew years ago when I first saw her, and before I ever did any cross-stitching, 
that I wanted one just like it..

 A little closer look...

The alphabet is going faster than I thought 
sooo, until they are ALL done ...
I will bid you safe keeping with 
Peace & Blessings to all. 

Thanks for visiting and thanks for sharing your blogs as they are my inspirations.