Monday, November 27, 2017

Good Morning This Morning . . .

Hope you all had a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving.
We were Blessed ... met new friends and neighbors 
of our son, Jeff and DIL, Cassie. 
Came home Friday and cleaned up the kitchen after baking 2 pecan pies, 1 apple pie (my fav) and a pumpkin pecan crust pie ... happily they were yummy and enjoyed by all. 
Then I got down to some playing and finished 
my 5th "Santa's Tree Ornament", 
the middle red Santa.
I would like to make a garland with all five, 
so that's next on my playtime agenda.
As you can see I did 3 in red , one gold/yellow and one blue, 
the primary colors.  Looking even closer, 
you can see how each one is somewhat different.  
What fun I had trying different embellishments... 
and they are easy peasy to do.
That's my "Primitive Christmas Tree Hangtag" ornament 
hanging above.
All available on my Etsy Shop
click HERE.

Time to get to work ... ugly word.
Much to do to get ready for the Big Day...
Thanks for stopping by to visit.
We had an unacceptable offer so we are still here and still 
our home is "FOR SALE".
We also got smart, Idaho, sadly is out... 
Our age and kids were big factors in that decision.

Have a wonderful week with Folk Art Hugs for everyone,

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Glad Thanksgiving Tidings . . .

Just want to wish everyone a "Glad Thanksgiving Tiding" ...
Can't believe it's almost here.  
I will start baking Tuesday, making pies.  Will be getting the dough ready.  Down to Jeffrey's and Cassie's for the big day.  Lots of family and food, an olde time get together.  Love it.
I am still coughing, all three of us are.  Poor Sandy brought it home from here day program and it sure has spred through our house hold.
Had an offer on our home yesterday.  We counter offered, so now we wait and see.
If it goes through we will be on our way by the 17th of January.  Right in the middle of winter, moving to Idaho.
Call us crazy?
Got another punch needle design finished up today and listed on Etsy.

"Primitive Christmas Tree Hangtag"
I made it to look like a feather tree with french knots and red seed beads on the ends plus a sweet prim rusty star button on the top.
Finished it off with my own handmade candy cane twisted chord.
Sweet and Simple .

Also randomly sewed clear glass beads on for snow flake sparkle.
Looks pretty when the light hits it just right. 
Will be putting together my Santa's Tree Garland this weekend.
Then I'll be done and need to think about packing, 
with no place to go.  Hard to make that decision until we sold our home.  Now on the search for another place to call HOME.
YES, I do believe we both want to get out of C--------a, being driven by Gov. Jerky Brown . . .
Get out of California!
Gas prices went up 40 cents per gal in just a week.
Call this good timing?
DMV will more than likely double next time around...

YUP, I am rambling.  Nitey nite,

OMGosh, it is past midnite, no wonder I am getting droopy eyed.
Peace and Blessings to all,

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Just not enough hours in a day . . .
I am doing 5 of these in different colored suits
to make into a garland above our imaginary mantle.
So far I have 2 done.
They are 4+ inches tall. sweet and cute and an easy peasy design. 
But, I have a rotten cough, trying to sell our home,  cooking, doing the laundry, etc... and punching little ornaments in between.
For now I just want to share and will list the the next one or three
as soon as possible.
They have glass bead eyes, various loop lengths and wispy eyebrows.
Finished the back with my favorite 'Warm and Natural'.
available on my Etsy Shop

Don't get too close to the screen, I don't want to pass this bug on to anyone.  My sweet Sandy gave it to me 'BIG' time. BUT, I still love her LOTS!
Got to run, got another one of those tickle kind of coughing spells.

Hope you all are well, I am doing fine.
So many thanks for visiting.

Folk Art Hugs with Peace and Blessings,