Saturday, July 18, 2015


I saw this on the internet... and fell in love with it.  
I Searched (too long) and discovered it was a 
Maggie Bonanomi design, and the hunt was on. 

Finally found it in her book "Thistle Down Moon".
Gathered the materials needed.  
I even dyed some green velvet with yellow dye 
to get the pea color. 
It was a challenge for me.  
I had hopes of doing two... that will never happen.  
It is for show more than functional, but I am pleased.  
It does need to be propped up or it will lay on its side.  
So I put my thinking cap on and thought, my daughter Sandy has been collecting Monterey Cypress Tree Pods, of which I like very much and thought (twice in one day)... why not?  The woven pine needle basket was hand made by my Grandmother, Carrie, during her retirement years and is very much treasured by me.  

What you see here are 3 work.
  • Carrie Wheeler ~ Grandmother, made the basket. 
  • Barbara Wheeler-Shores ~ Grand daughter made the Pea Pod pin keep.
  • Sondra Lyn Shores ~ Great Grand Daughter gathered all the Monterey Cypress Tree Pods. 

ALL BECAUSE ... I put on my thinking cap.

* * *

We are really hoping for rain.  So far Zilch (nothing), 
just clouds and wind.  YES, we live in Southern California and witnessed the smoke from the Cajon Pass Freeway fire yesterday... It was scary with cars and semi trucks burning...20 total, and no one was hurt last I heard. 
We were safe.  We live about 10 miles East of the fire.  Rain would be very welcome to help put the fire out completely and help us during this drought.  
Guess that's why it is called Mojave DESERT.

* * *
For now, Enjoy the day with Peace and Blessing for all,

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Just finished 
"Pocket Full of Autumn" 
from Brenda Gervais
 Truly one of my very favorite punch needle designs.
Used felted wool for the backing and filled 
with some Tallow Berries, just like in Brenda's pattern.   
~ ~ ~
LUV it. 
 Hung it from my 'Game Board' that Art Haber made for me from "Olde Colony Primitives", here in Pauma Valley, California... They have wonderful stuff to offer and live in
an awesome 'Salt Box House' built by Art.
Also included a primitive whisk broom and a black bee's wax cone that I made years ago,plus a 
small Nantucket Basket that I have had for years. 

I am itching to do another X-stitch project... some smalls and I am also wanting a needle book as the pin cushion isn't cutting it with all the different needles I have been using.

Sooo, off I go, s'more x-stitching...
(Or... I still am procrastinating on the Fraktur I mentioned a while back... maybe I will get a handle on that next???)

* * *

 Have a great day with Peace and Blessings for all,

Friday, July 10, 2015

A Rusty update...

Here is the recent addition (adopted) to our family.
 He hopped into bed (pillows) soon after I got up... 
enjoying the warmth and softness of all my pillows.

and now making himself very much at home, 
cooling off his belly in this 100 degree weather we have been enjoying???
I keep sheets on the sofa for his comfort... 
and easy for me to launder as often as necessary.
Rusty does NO wrong and is the now the new love of our family.
We still are convinced he is a Vizsla (Hungarian Pointer).