Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I am on a quest...Thanks to Marly!

I am on a Quest with almost one down and 
seven more to go.

 Thanks to Marly (Santas and Samplers)...
I feel in love with her Christmas mantle display.  
I am determined to have all 8 of these 
Santa Ornaments (PS-Father Christmas) ready 
for December 2012.
If I get lucky, maybe more ... 
knowing that I am not the fastest kid on the 
block this will be a great challenge.  
I just started counted X-stitching a 
couple of years ago.
 I did needle point in the 80's making each 
of my 4 children a Christmas stocking.  
It took me 8 years.

Now you know what I am up against 
and it is worse now.  
I am now retired ... then I was not, 
but, working full time.
So cheer me on !!!

~ * * * ~


YUP ... I have been keeping out of trouble, 
which has been, in this case, FUN!


A great garland to display All year long and
  for special events like BBQ's, Picnics, 
Family reunions & most all parties or Holidays. 
(NOT recommended for wet weather)
I painted a Traditional Pineapple  
('Symbol of Hospitality'
over a shadowed letter 'O' ...
just for complement 
and add interest to the presentation.

If interested these will be 'For Sale' on my Etsy,
 beginning the first of August, 
after we return from a needed vacation.

~ * * * ~

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Abraham Lincoln Silhouette ~ God Bless America

Yes, it took me longer than I thought ... but, I finally got 'Honest Abe' painted .

Tim and Carol (Firecracker Kid) custom made me a couple more of these frames that I designed specifically for these small silhouettes.
 (Sorry about the glare ... 
will have to re-shoot these pictures.)
They 'fill the bill' perfectly.  
I have painted and crackled the frame with red showing thru, and finally sanded and antiqued both silhouette and frame.

 I painted another George Washington too. "Father of His Country"
Now there is a matching pair.

I have them paired together on my pewter cabinet ... for now.
I am happily pleased with the results and will probably display them year round to show our Patriotism and "Love for America".