Thursday, May 3, 2012

Abraham Lincoln Silhouette ~ God Bless America

Yes, it took me longer than I thought ... but, I finally got 'Honest Abe' painted .

Tim and Carol (Firecracker Kid) custom made me a couple more of these frames that I designed specifically for these small silhouettes.
 (Sorry about the glare ... 
will have to re-shoot these pictures.)
They 'fill the bill' perfectly.  
I have painted and crackled the frame with red showing thru, and finally sanded and antiqued both silhouette and frame.

 I painted another George Washington too. "Father of His Country"
Now there is a matching pair.

I have them paired together on my pewter cabinet ... for now.
I am happily pleased with the results and will probably display them year round to show our Patriotism and "Love for America".