Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I am on a quest...Thanks to Marly!

I am on a Quest with almost one down and 
seven more to go.

 Thanks to Marly (Santas and Samplers)...
I feel in love with her Christmas mantle display.  
I am determined to have all 8 of these 
Santa Ornaments (PS-Father Christmas) ready 
for December 2012.
If I get lucky, maybe more ... 
knowing that I am not the fastest kid on the 
block this will be a great challenge.  
I just started counted X-stitching a 
couple of years ago.
 I did needle point in the 80's making each 
of my 4 children a Christmas stocking.  
It took me 8 years.

Now you know what I am up against 
and it is worse now.  
I am now retired ... then I was not, 
but, working full time.
So cheer me on !!!

~ * * * ~