Sunday, July 30, 2017

Jack O' Lantern Hauntings

Working on my new series of 
Jack O' Lantern Hauntings
for our Halloween "Trick or Treaters" to enjoy.
Since it is again 100+ degrees out doors, 
I think being inside with the AC,
 cranked up for another day is a good thing.

I have two completed punch needle pillow/tucks, 
with another close to being finished and 
about 3 more sketches to prepare
for the hoop and punch needle. 
I have given them all names.
The tall pumpkin is "A Frightful JOL",
and the next one is "A Winkin' JOL"
both of these friendly fellows will be in #1 Packet.
The pumpkin still in the hoop is "A Creepy JOL"
getting ready for JOL Haunting #2 Packet.
They will be offered in pairs as shown.
Packet #1 will ready by Tuesday Wednesday Friday, 
the first 2nd 4th of August.
 This series, Jack O' Lantern Hauntings will include,
 3 sets of packets with 2 designs in each.
Available on my
Villagefolkart Picturetrail...
here you will be able 
to find the picture of the painting I used for inspiration 
listed under, 'My Paintings'.

They have a cotton homespun backing and I
stuffed these with real 100% shredded cotton balls. 
These are really cute all grouped together
 and will be easy to finish 
and have ready for Halloween night 
and all the little
"Trick or Treaters".

* * *

Well, for now 
That's all folks ... 
Thanks for visiting.
Hope you are all Kool with 'Folk Art Hugs'.
Peace & Blessings for ALL,

P.S. - Have not started the Penny Rug class with Cee yet.
Am really looking forward to it..

Saturday, July 15, 2017


This adorable cross stitch design,
 called 'Belsnickel' from The Humble Stitcher is finished.  

I have been working on it since before Christmas last year.  
It has been a good fill-in for those waiting room 
days in the doctor's office.
For years, I have had my eye on this sweet Belsnickel pattern.
I have a small collection of the reproduced ones. 
Thought this would work for the group when on display during the holidays.  Yup, I tweaked it a bit here and there and then there are those errors which will not be corrected.  
That's my signature and if you're familiar with this 
pattern, you can have the fun finding them. 
Fringe beads were added for the ornaments and 
the chenille trim gives it a nice touch.  
More importantly,
my Sandy LOVES him...that makes him hers.
Thanks for the visit as this is going to be a quick post.  
I have been awake and up since 3:00A.M.  Getting tired
 and will be taking a nap in just a few. 

* * *

Have a great weekend my friends.  As  always, thanks for visiting. 
We will be keeping cool inside with today's 104 degree temp.
The plus side is low 15% humidity. 

Folk Art Hugs and Peace for ALL,

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Class with Cee's~"Diamond Vintage Wool Rug".

Time to change gears and do something different.
I signed up with Cee Rafuse, of "The Diary of a Rugmaker",
  for this 'Diamond Vintage Wool Rug'  Class.

The subtle, muted colors really caught my attention.
I watched some of her tutorials, and was able to get this set up.
Best I wait for her class ... don't want to miss something 
and get off to a bad start.

About 8 years ago, I made one of my self taught 
versions of a Penny Rug. 
Here is a current picture, including dust and lint.
 It is done with burlap background,
attached to a black wool backing and lined with 
black and white ticking.
I love the texture of burlap. However, recently found out that 
it has a life expectancy of about 20 years.
Well, we will cross that bridge,
if I am still around, in 12 more years.
I am not sorry I used the burlap ... I still love the texture. 
So for now, I am eager to get advice, and some guidance
from an expert.  Really can't wait for class to begin.

Thanks for visiting,
I plan to show updates of the class progress.

Have a super, great week, with, 
Folk Art Hugs and Peace for All,


Saturday, July 8, 2017

'Wings' is a Pattern...

Was not sure I would, but decided to make it a
 6 page pattern packet.

 It is listed on my Etsy & Picturetrail,
Click, upper left, side column.

I'd be appreciative, if you visit me on Picturetrail to sign my
Guestbook.  Just want to see if it is working.
"Wings of Freedom" is a 6 page packet. 
It includes digital photos for reference.
14 colors of the Rustic Moire Wool Thread was used 
for this pattern.  I was impressed with how much 
coverage I got and still had some leftover
 on just that one spool used for the background.
Anyways...just thought I'd let you know,
 in case anyone might be interested.
Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend.
We are still living like hermits in this 111 degree heat.

Peace, my friends,