Saturday, July 15, 2017


This adorable cross stitch design,
 called 'Belsnickel' from The Humble Stitcher is finished.  

I have been working on it since before Christmas last year.  
It has been a good fill-in for those waiting room 
days in the doctor's office.
For years, I have had my eye on this sweet Belsnickel pattern.
I have a small collection of the reproduced ones. 
Thought this would work for the group when on display during the holidays.  Yup, I tweaked it a bit here and there and then there are those errors which will not be corrected.  
That's my signature and if you're familiar with this 
pattern, you can have the fun finding them. 
Fringe beads were added for the ornaments and 
the chenille trim gives it a nice touch.  
More importantly,
my Sandy LOVES him...that makes him hers.
Thanks for the visit as this is going to be a quick post.  
I have been awake and up since 3:00A.M.  Getting tired
 and will be taking a nap in just a few. 

* * *

Have a great weekend my friends.  As  always, thanks for visiting. 
We will be keeping cool inside with today's 104 degree temp.
The plus side is low 15% humidity. 

Folk Art Hugs and Peace for ALL,


  1. Hi Barb...I just discovered your blog...thank you so much for you kind comment on mine! I love your stitching and am so glad that you have found a new hobby! Weren't you a member of the TDIPT group years ago? I was a member also under the name of Union Star Primitives. It was a fun group!

    Sorry about your miserable weather...its 87 degrees here in Michigan and I'm complaining..LOL!! Have a great day and stay cool!

  2. Thanks Bobbie... Yes, I was one of the founding members of 'Desert Quail Tolers'. I was so hooked on painting in those days. I was able to receive my CDA in stroke work. Since retiring and enjoying so many different types of needlework. It's great to be able to have time for more play and less work. If you were to visit us, you'd know what I am talking about. One too many 'Dust Bunnies' float around.
    As long as we stay indoors and walk early, like 5:30ish, we are OK. Just pray we have NO power outages and I do not want to say that too loud.
    Happy you visited... it is always nice to meet a fellow tole painter and decorative artist.

    Folk Art Hugs and Peace for All,


  3. Great finish, Barb, but they always are!
    We had a few hot days while in California. The lower humidity helped, but it was still like walking in to an!
    Hugs :)

    1. Thank you my friend..
      I know just what you mean...That is why I think we have become Hermitized... Just the 4 walls and No outside, ONLY for emergency type of needfuls or we makedo.
      Enjoy your weekend with Peace for all,

  4. Hi Barb,
    Love your sweet new Santa ornament!! Sandy is a sweetheart and so talented! Love her designs!! We are also enduring the heat and I feel like a hermit, but need to stay inside where it is COOL!! We are into our Monsoon season here so sadly are having LOTS of Humidity as well as heat!! Not my favorite weather, but the AC feels GOOD!!!
    Stay cool and enjoy your week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. Thanks Julie, Sandy is my sweet daughter. She has lived with us all her life and will be 53 in August. Actually, she is my best and honest critic and will let me know if she does not like something. So when 'Belsnickle' was finished and she raved about how much she loved it... I said OK honey, it is yours. She is also my Best Friend and Partner in Crime.
      It's only 98 today but, going up to 103 tomorrow. Humidity has been lower. For me, that's the killer. Just hope we have no power outages.
      You too sweet friend...Keep Kool with Peace,

  5. Started Christmas ornaments back in Jan. Love cross stitching but I put them down a few months ago and having a hard time picking them back up. Beautiful piece.

    1. Thanks Pam, I know the feeling. It is a time consuming passion but, I find it very rewarding when all said and done.
      Enjoy the weekend and thanks for visiting, Barb

  6. Great finish, Barb, but they always are!
    We had a few hot days while in California. The lower humidity helped, but it was still like walking in to an!


  7. Beautiful finish, Barb! I love how you "tweaked" parts of the came out really great! Didn't know you had a daughter named Sandy (I'm kind of partial to that It makes me smile to know she loved the design. My daughter is my best critic and partner in crime as well. Don't know what I'd do without her!
    Hugs to you and yours,