Friday, May 18, 2018

The FINALE is here . . .

Without any further ado ... the Finale is here ... 
I used ruby red beads around the trim to add some subtle glitter. Hope you approve, I LOVE it.

The second photo is without, take your pick.
(kindly keep in mind that my finish is not a part of the pattern ... just another way to finish "Patriotic Eagle 'n Bunting", available on

Now it is time to get on with other stuff ... 
Does vacuuming count as stuff ???

Thanks for taking time to visit. 
They and any comments are always welcome.

Peace and Folk Art Hugs, Barb

Monday, May 14, 2018

The 'Finale' soon to come.

Soon to be done . . .

Before the banner was added,
Now applied to a cotton backed banner, 
instructions for which are
not included in the pattern.  
The Finish is your option.
 I am awaiting some red 8mm glass seed beads to put a touch of sparkle to my "Patriotic Eagle 'n Bunting" design.
I have it hung and displayed from a door of my pie safe. 
This presentation has evolved over several early wakeful mornings dreaming of a different approach for the Finale ... soon to be here.

I always welcome and enjoy your visits and comments,
your time spent visiting is appreciated.
Peace for all with Folk Art Hugs, Barb ..

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"PATRIOTIC EAGLE 'N BUNTING" pattern is listed on my Etsy shoppe.

If any one would be interested in my latest  Patriotic Design... 
It is now available on my Etsy Shoppe
Hope you like it ... 

the Final finish for me is still in the works.

Today, we are enjoying temps in the upper 90's.
How about you all?
I am keeping cool, INSIDE!

Take Joy and have FUN creating,

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

JUST A CASUAL NOTE . . . PN&PS Summer Issue

This is the cover of this Summer's Issue of 
' Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher' Magazine.
Down in the lower right corner is one of my 
Hang Tag designs entitled 
"Good Ole Summertime".

I am speechless to say the least, 
not to mention how grateful I am 
to be included in this issue of this amazing
 publication with all it's wonderful designers.

Just in case you do not already know,
 this fabulous needlework publication is dedicated to those 
stitchers who love Punch Needle & Primitive Stitching designs!

 * * *
Visit their website at and get a sneek peek 
at all the wonderful projects in the Summer Issue 
coming out middle of May.

Many thanks for your visit, and any comments are 
always welcome and appreciated. 

Folk Art Hugs my friends,


My new patriotic design "LIBERTY"...

I have been recuperating after my 
Bladder surgery on the 17th of April.  
sounds like a good excuse for being AWOL.
Also getting ready to prepare the 
instructions for tomorrow (I hope),
for my Village Folk Art Shoppe on Etsy.
This one is displayed on my shaker basket
 which is hanging on the side of my pie safe.  
It is another one of my hang tag patterns, 
using french knots for the 13 stars on the flag part
 of the design, various loop lengths 
and seed beads on the strawberry.
Yes ... I am fond of strawberries 
any way I can get 'em ...yummm!

I could not appropriately resist 
dangling 5 small rusty liberty bells from the 
very bottom of this 3" x 6" punched needle piece.
Both DMC and Valdani threads have been used. 
* * *
 Gots to finish another PN patriotic design
Hope to have it ready to share tomorrow. 
After spending much time resting and NO cooking, 
I am finally getting my stamina back in gear. 

As always, hope your week is warmer
 and Spring finally has sprung.
Ours has been a little chilly,  very windy and dusty
in the low 70's ... NO rain or snow, 
and we live in the Mojave Desert.

Thanks so much for taking time to visit and post a comment, 
as your time and thoughts are appreciated.

Folk Art Hugs my friends, 
God is good