Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Not Sure what to Post ???

Sandy always thought something special was happening when she saw a 'RAINBOW' 
My World is UPSIDE down...
Our Sandy has been hospitalized since May 6th.  
For those who do not know her she was born with Williams Syndrome on August 18th, 1964.
Here is a picture of her happily stringing popcorn for a 30' long garland three Christmases ago..
Everyone LOVEs Sandy, always so happy and she loves people. 
That is Williams Syndrome a "Cocktail Personality"

She has been severely the point of not wanting to go on.
I have a problem saying certain words.
Trying to find a psychologist who knows and understands Williams Syndrome is like looking for a needle in a haystack, or they are not interested in helping a 55 y.o.
As the child gets older hypertension often becomes a problem.
She is not responding well to counseling even with 40mg Fluoxetine/prozac. 
Both Chuck and I  are entering our 80's and have been concerned about finding a group home for her to which she has been reluctant.  
It is a heart breaking decision as she has been with us for all of her 55 years.

I am looking for a psychiatrist and psychologist well versed and knowledgeable about WS.

PRAYERS, please...

Blessings and Peace for all,


  1. So sorry to hear all of this. I can be of absolutely no practical help, but I can include all of you in my prayers and will do so. God bless all of you and may he lead you in the right direction.

  2. Sorry to read this Barb. Can the WS foundation recommend someone? I hope they can find the right balance with meds, hormones, whatever necessary to help your sweet girl. Could soothing music give her some comfort? Would she qualify for a visiting aide in home? I can only imagine how this is breaking your heart.

  3. Hi Barb,
    My heart goes out to you and wish I could offer some practical help, but will promise to keep you in my prayers that God will lead you to the right person and get the best help for your dear girl!!! Marly has some wonderful suggestions and hope these might help you, too!! Trusting that God will give you His Wisdom, His Strength, and His Peace as you deal with this!!! Sending you Love and Big Hugs, my friend!
    Julie xo

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  5. Barb,
    There are no words. I am so very sorry to hear this. Please know that I will keep you and Sandy in my prayers and that you find the guidance/help you need.

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