Friday, August 4, 2017

True to Form...3 days late.

This time my excuse was the inability to scan my drawn patterns.

Had to get a little creative and finally figured another way to do it ... 
it took time and as you know I am slower than slow. 
This is a groupy of the four eerie and spooky 
" Jack O' Lanterns Haunting".

I really love them all tucked creepy is that?

This is Frightful and Winkin'...
In packet no. 1 - Pattern 170803.
Here is Creepy and Evil in that order...
Packet no. 2 - Pattern 170804.
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I am sketching two more ... for Packet no.3,
 they are no wheres near ready to get punched. 

So with that thought in mind, 
I will hit the road and get some lunch, 
then clean house... and boy does it need cleanin'.

Thanks everyone for the visit.  
Not much else to talk about.
It spritzed enough yesterday to make it humid.
I do not deal with humidity very well.
Did I ever tell you that I actually lived in 
Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia
when I was 10 and 11 years old? 
See what the humidity does to me?
We were right on the Beautiful Persian Gulf, 
and talk about humid in 120 degrees in the shade...NOT GOOD.
I will really leave this time with another thought in mind.
Get some lunch!

Have a beautiful weekend friends,


  1. Great pumpkins Barb. My sister can't take any heat or humidity and those cooling neck towels really help her. I have no idea why snapping them works, but it does.

  2. Hi Barb,
    Yes, they look so good together, and so fun that you are planning even more!!! Way to stay creative, my friend!! I am up to my ears in making pumpkins right now, while staying inside away from our humidity!!! We don't play well together, either!! How amazing you lived right on the Persian Gulf!!!
    Have a great weekend, and happy punching!
    Heart Hugs~

  3. Thank you ladies... Have really enjoyed punching these little, eerie JOLs. They were fast too and just what I have been looking for some instant gratification. Looking at some cross stitch designs I bought a while back. Need to decide to keep me busy until Cee's 'Teaching penny rug' starts. Am really looking forward to that.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friends and thanks for the visit, peace for all too,

  4. Love these little guys!!!! And yes....they look perfect all together! I mean, after all.... who could choose just one? :-) Born and raised in Central NJ and I STILL can't take the humidity!!! Yeck! Luckily we have a break from it this weekend.... cooler and drier breezes making it feel like Autumn is on the way! Have a blessed Sunday!

    1. Hi Sharon, well small world... I too born in NJ. I am delighted with your comment. Thank you so much.
      I realized the difference after returning from Arabia and soon after my father moved us to S.Cal.. Dry heat is OK without humidity. Our cooler weather starts late September. That's OK cause I love the summer evenings and wonderful desert breezes. I have definitely adjusted very willingly.
      Hope next week is filled with pleasantrys for you and peace for all, Barb

  5. How cool that you've lived in a foreign country. I don't mind the heat but the humidity - ugh! I can't imagine what you are dealing with.
    GREAT pumpkins!!!
    Happy Sunday :)

    1. Hi Lauren,
      Actually most of the summer is very HOT(3 digit temps.)but NO or next to no humidity. When monsoon season hits us(weather coming up from Gulf of Mexico), it is miserable. I sweat just standing still. So we are bound for the air conditioned indoors. I call it 'hermitized', for the lack of a better word.
      Fortunately, it only lasts for a few days.
      Today it was hot and dry. Yaaaa!
      Thanks a bunch for your kind comment.
      I am working on two more similar pillow/tucks for Halloween. Then??? waiting for Cee's penny rug class to start. We will just wait and see.
      Have a great week and keep on hooking those gorgeous rugs.
      Folk Art Hugs, and peace for all,

  6. Thank you ladies... Have really enjoyed punching these little, eerie JOLs. They were fast too and just what I have been looking for some instant gratification.