Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 Wishing Everyone Thanksgiving Blessings...

Our family will be together, almost. Our eldest son, Mike will not be able to sad as he will be missed.  

Our Special Sandy will be able to be with us.  She will not be returning to the home where she was being kept under political protocol, which will soon be the demise of America as we knew it....not allowing us to visit for more than 30  minutes outside not in the home, not able to enjoy our brought in lunch together and of course face masks at ALL times. My younger and brilliant daughter,Pam, Sandy's big sister was able to acquire a NED voucher allowing Sandy to live in a place of our choice and close to family.  NOW, if this pandemic just goes away and allows us our freedom, that will truly be a BLESSING.

For now I'd like to wish all,

 Great Thanksgiving Tidings of JOY and PEACE...

Barbara and Sandy


  1. So happy to hear Sandy will be living closer to you. Our country is in a scary place. Freedom as we know it may be taken away from us. So very sad.
    Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. So good to see a post from you pop up Barb...and so very happy to hear that Sandy will be able to join you for the upcoming holiday...and be relocated to a home of your choice closer to you. It is, indeed, frustrating. I haven't been able to see my 91-yr old mother since March (well...shhh....don't tell, but when she was hospitalized a month and a half ago for some heart issues and a broken wrist following a fall from the heart issues I was able to sneak in and see her briefly). She has dementia and someone can tell her 101 times in a day why no one comes to see her, but I know she just thinks her family who she sacrificed everything for has abandoned her. Never, ever, would I have thought our country (world) would come to this.... :-( In any event....wishing you and Sandy...and the rest of your family a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving. ~Robin~

  3. So glad Sandy will be joining you. I can't imagine how people on the inside have been dealing with and trying to understand their isolation. Wishing you a wonderful holiday.

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