Wednesday, October 14, 2020


I am very Happy to say that Fall is here.

Our summers have been mostly over 100 and windy,

which accounts for all the forest fires we have encountered.

Summer was my favorite but NO MORE.

I love the Autumnal colors, and cooler days. 

"Bat winds for Jack" may be one on my last creations.  

I have many sketches but due to hands that are becoming more arthritic,I am unable to execute some of my ideas.  

PLUS, once again we are attempting.

to sell our home and move to be closer to family.

I hate moving, but I need to be closer to my children and Grandchildren these days..

This leaves me with very little time to do what I enjoy.

Perhaps, once we get moved and settled, I can resume those pleasures.

I have visited many of you, checking in and leaving no comments.

For now, I wish America and All Health, Safety and Happiness..

God Bless us Everyone,





  1. good to hear from you. I am SO SORRY to hear about your hands. You are so creative so hopefully can continue with your ideas on paper to punch at a later time.
    I do hope the house sells this time and you get to move closer to family. Prayers for a quick sale and prayers for our country.
    God Bless America!

    1. Thanks Lauren...Just not ready to let go of bloggin'. Enjoy visiting when I can. Somehow, I feel selling has not been meant for us just yet...time will tell.

    2. Well Lauren, it won't be any time soon. My daughter Pam, was visiting and we were going over staging for selling the home. When in the pantry which is next to frig, we found wet drywall at the base of that wall.
      I do not want to bore you with any further details...
      Enjoy the weekend, I will try...Peace to all.

  2. So glad to see a post from you! Hope Sandi is doing well and all of your family.

    1. Thank you...I am glad to be back. Still very busy but felt it necessary to post...Hope all is well with you and your family too...

  3. very good to see a post pop up from you Barb. I think of you (and Sandi) often and hope all is well. I cannot imagine so many days above 100.... We rarely get that hot....and I know we didn't at all this summer. I know what you're saying about the hands.... Now that I finally have the time to enjoy the crafts (stitching, hooking, punching, etc.) that I had to essentially "shelve" in my working days, my hands and eyes make it difficult. Will continue keeping you in thought and prayer. ~Robin~