Saturday, May 21, 2016


I really have been busy with not much to show for it.  
Just want to show a picture of my Echinacea/Cone Flower that made it thru the winter.  
This one survived my brown thumb.
I am so proud of it.
I have two more planted around this small cluster of rocks
 and they seem to be doing very well too.

Not much luck with plants as I killed my 'Meyers Lemon Tree'.
Thought I was doing all the right things.
Apparently it did not like the desert's summer heat and winter's cold nights.
Anyways, I finally gave up on it after much babying and determined
that I could grow a potted Meyers in the Mojave Desert.
Maybe it really wasn't my brown thumb after all???

Started a herb garden...So far it is OK.
I even purchased some worm castings with hopes of
 NOT being a total failure and getting a Green Thumb this summer.
Will update you on this ... MAYBE!

I have been doing punch needle ornaments for a demonstration for our
Creative Crafters group here in Del Webb of Apple Valley.
Am also attempting knitting.  I want a Tasha Tudor Kindred Spirits Shawl.
Since I tend to be something of a tight wad, I figured
I could knit one.  I do not know how to knit YET.
I am making velvet strawberry emery pinkeeps. 
I love them... the more the merrier. 
Will show them to you as soon as they are ready.

Hubs is hungry, gots to get off this puter and get him some grub...
Maybe 'Subway', (hehehe) they are close by.

Enjoy the rest of the week is sunny here with too much wind.

TTYL with Peace for all,

* * *
P.S. - "Go Trump"

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


This is it... I am very pleased.
It gives some 'Pizz Zazz' to my little cozy nook with
the wall to wall farm table.

I used Matte Modge Podge, lightly tinted with Burnt Umber. 
It still had a shinny finish not matte as I was hoping.
The darker areas are due to me trying to eliminate
the shinny reflection when editing the photos
and in so doing made shadows .

I ran out of MP so must get some for the hems.  Otherwise,
I am done...finished...kaput, 
* * *
Thanks so much for visiting,

Enjoy the day with Peace for all,


PS: The hems are all glued with Modge Podge and it lays perfectly flat.  
      MP was  a perfect my opinion. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

UPDATE - Stenciling is done

Big Sigh.....
I have finished the painting(stenciling).

Tomorrow, "I hope", I want to begin antiquing and glazing, all in one process.
But first, I need to experiment on a piece of remnant canvas 
to see just how that will work.  
For this step I'm thinking about using Modge Podge tinted with???
Not sure of color but it may be burnt umber or burnt sienna.
That is why I say "I hope".

Here are some close ups of design along the sides. 
Maybe I am not finished painting, cause I'd really like to
do some subtle marbleizing in those lighter side areas.  
Just thinking...  
 Whatever I do, 
the final step will be to glue the 1/2" hems on all four sides.
Then I can say


 Did you know that the 'Pineapple' is a symbol for Hospitality/Welcome?

 * * *
Thanks for visiting,  

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

UPDATE~Stenciled Canvas Runner

I spent most of Sunday at Urgent Care with a diagnosed Bladder Infection and Kidney concerns...was treated with an antibiotic IV and RX for pills...
Tuesday, pain was still not getting better???
Went to ER early Tuesday...No more white blood cells in urine...CT Scan showed No Superficial Tumors in Bladder (have been treating this for 17 years) with kidney looking fine.  Blood work showed ALL IS WELL...
I have gotten a little behind with a big beautiful mess still on our farm table.
Pain persists while laying down and after sitting then walking.
Will see my Orthopedic Dr. on Monday for perhaps a hip problem??? 
Can't understand continued pain while walking if all is well .
Enough said ! ! !
Some Updates for today... 
must sit to paint, otherwise standing 
presents uncomfortable pain. 

~One End of Runner~

 ~Opposite End of Runner~
(using same stencil)

* * *

Tomorrow, I will begin the sides using the 'Vine and berries' part of stencil.
Yet to be blocked out, not wanting to get it too busy .
Less is often more.
LUV the Pineapple design 

In spite of my recent physical limitations...
I am really enjoying making this far.

~Hemming all four sides~
~It will be finished~

* * *

'til next time, Thanks for visiting
Peace to all,

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I have to move right along...
This project is using up my entire farm table, 
a place where we eat all our meals.
Get the picture???
 Next picture shows final stage before 
the Pineapple and vines are added.
All sides have been turned under 1/2" for hemming.
Now I just have to wait to get the stencil for this almost last phase.
So far, I am loving it... Just hope I do not mess it up.
It looks very orange on my screen...
It will need a final antiquing so it will be toned down.
Cant wait to get the final and finishing touches done.
I love Painted/stenciled floor cloths & table runners.
*  *  *
Enjoy the day,
as always, Peace to all. 


Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Canvas Floor Rug ~ NOT

Our family celebrated Easter on Saturday at my 
daughter's and SIL's, home in the Laguna Hills, know as Aliso Viejo, CA.
I cannot say how happy I was to be able to spend it with all 4 grandchildren, both daughters, one of my sons, SonIL and DaughterIL, my loving husband and all four of our furr babies.  What a day!

Can you tell we were all having FUN???
* * *
Today, Easter Sunday, after attending Mass, We had a simple Easter lunch.  
After yesterday's feast, a luncheon was all that we needed.
This gave me time to get started on the 'Painted Canvas Table Runner' (NOT floor cloth) that I have wanted to do for some time.

I base coated this 30" x 72" piece of canvas several days ago...
Had to let it dry for at least 30 hours
Today, I stenciled the checked border .
Need to do some trimming on the far long side.
Next I will add 8" x 4" stenciled diamonds, centered on
what has been done so far.
I hope to add pineapples in the corners...the design kind of
progresses is spurts.  
I don't want it to be too busy.  Wanting to keep it
within Colonial, Early American style.
I tend to get carried away with adding too many details
 It will be used on my 38" wide by 9' long farm table.
Purchased 16 years ago while living in VT from an
Antique Dealer in Ludlow.
It is not the real deal, but rather a reproduction'.
I guess that means I am not a purist.
Oh well...

Hope to keep you posted, but ya just never know...
 * * *
Hope you had a Blessed Easter...
We sure did!

Thanks for visiting with Peace to All,

Friday, March 18, 2016

Easter Ornies...

Just finished these...
Ready to enjoy for our Easter Celebration.

 Finished with some lace trim and I am not a lace person 
but, I like the finish.  
A 'Not Forgotten Farm' design.

This is the display on the credenza, just below my imaginary mantle...
It includes the framed Cross stitch Sampler
recently completed. 
*  *  *
Just want to wish everyone a
"Blessed and Happy Easter"

 Peace to all,

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Received my unfinished frame on Friday.
Spent Saturday doing the 'Faux Tortoise' graining.
Laced it to foam core on Sunday (after mass of course)....

Here it is ... Framed.
I am happy with the end result.
Now to find a place for it???
A wall (limited)?
Table top (also limited)?
I am not thrilled with having to scale down these days.

NOT sure what my next endeavor will be... 
depends on my mood & frame of mind.

*  *  *
As always thanks for visiting...

EnJoY the day with Peace to all,

Enjoying 'President's Day'...

Placed my silhouettes of George & Abe 
on our mantle...
To enjoy and help remember our history.

Have a great week...

*  *  *

Friday, February 12, 2016

BEAR WITH ME ...please.

I have had 'puter problems for months now and am trying to get back to normal??? if there is such a thing.
Screen on my Dell laptop had to be replaced, but, 
before I did that I figured it was kaput.  
Sooo, son found an Acer laptop, which I purchased.  
After which I found out my Dell screen was salvageable and had the screen replaced.   
...Long story Short...
Now I have two laptops.  
I LOVE my DELL, which has been collecting dust since having it fixed.
Now I am taking pictures making sure that part works.  

Here is a 'pic' of my Turkey punch needle pillow 
with mini pom poms for trim.
Cute, Huh ??? 
It (Dell) works, Yaaaaa!

* * *

Thanks for puttin' up with me.  Have a wonderful day!

TTYL with Peace for all, Barb

Friday, January 29, 2016


Just thought I'd let you know that my imaginary mantel is REAL...

We do not, sadly, have a fireplace in this house.  This is the wall I chose by placing the black pegged shelf above the credenza since there is no fireplace. 
I have created my "Imaginary Mantel". 
It is somewhat blurry as I am not steady standing alone, with out my cane.  Just wanted to reassure you that I don't have any friends that no one else but I can see and speak to ... yet!
I am hoping to fill in the blank wall spaces with some of my cross stitched samplers, etc.
That will come in time...
In the meantime, I am getting my 'Ducks In A Row'.  
As soon as I figure that one out I will let you know. 
Just finished my little sampler and waiting for the frame to give it a faux grained finish.
 It is small, 8 1/2" x 6 1/4". (Looks familiar?)
 ~*Prim Sisters Needlebook*~
Originally it was to be a needlebook per the pattern...but I had a change of heart.
Instead, I am doing "The Grey House Needlebook", a punch needle design by Lori Brechlin.
~ ~ ~
My next two endeavors are more  of a challenge
"Blooms & Berries" a La-D-Da design
with hopes of including the
"Purity of Heart" from Carriage House Samplings
an original design by Anna Carey Reachmack.

Then there is that ever growing 'Bucket List'...
YUP, you guessed it, 'That's another story'
or perhaps I should say 'That's another lifetime'.

Keep on Bloggin' &  Thanks for stoppin' by.

Peace and Blessings for all,

Thursday, January 14, 2016


I am so predictable...Finished this small 'n sweet 
poinsettia punch needle 
designed by Lori Brechlin as shown in the 
'Winter 2015' issue of 
Primitive Quilts and Projects

 She calls hers "Poinsettia Thread Keeper".
I preferred to hang rusty bells from mine and used 
a mini wire quilt hanger to display it. 
Too late for Christmas, but then, 
now I can enjoy it all year long.
* * *

Looks like I now have bone against bone in my left knee.
You know what that means and I am not happy about it.
But, if it improves my quality of life...GOOD.
My Poor hubs had his replaced twice...
it is still and never will be good.  
It will be God's will,  not mine.

What ever happened to Global warming???
We are having a cold winter (colder than normal).  Actually, I am loving it as it is more like home where I grew up 
in N.Y and N.J.

Anyways, thanks for visiting, and Wishing all...


Thursday, December 31, 2015


My memory card for my camera became damaged and unusable.  Finally got a new one from the internet. 
~~Soooo...drum rolllll~~

Here is my BIG snow flake for our front door
with our 'S'  monogram.
I painted it white and added German Glass Glitter.

* * *
I want to get a picture of it at night time, hopefully to show the sparkling glitter in a better night light. 
Hope it works..


with much Health & Peace


Chuck, Barb and Sandy

P.S. Here it is in the night light...

 and to all a "Good Night & Happy New Year"...

Saturday, December 26, 2015


We celebrated Christmas afternoon with our 3 youngest grandchildren... 
Kohana 7 1/2, Kylie 5 and Kolton 3.  
Up until this moment it was NEVER quiet.  
Then Papa said it was time for his ice cream... 
They all 4 joined together to enjoy Papa 
and his nightly ritual of ice cream.

 Our Family enjoyed a most 
Blessed & Merry Christmas.

Hope you did too,

Peace to all and God Bless America,

Monday, December 14, 2015

Here she is with her tree...

This year our Sandy decorated our 
Tree totally by herself.  
Yes, Dad set it up and she had help draping 
the 30'+ popcorn garland as it was 
too much for one person to handle,
she then decorated with most of 
our 'Memories Ornaments'.

It is the most beautiful Tree we have ever had. 

 There are ornaments that my Father had on their 
tree back in Hawthorne, N.Y.  
He and his sister would toss them 
back and forth playing catch with the kugels.
There are ornaments from my childhood 
some from Poland, of course my favorites.
Then there are those from Sandy's childhood 
and our other three children,
 Michael, Sondra(Sandy), Pamela and Jeffrey.
Of course, from our first year of marriage, 
 before the children, are there too.
 ~ ~ ~
The entry to our home is very festive... 

Remember, we live in Apple Valley, California,
The Mojave Desert.

Now you are getting closer to  our Front Door

YUP, you are there...
Please come on in for some 
hot toddy' & 'treats' 
of all kinds.
you can sit a spell and enjoy the lights and weather... 
but, we are hoping and praying to get some.
~ ~ ~ 
Just one more addition as I ordered a huge laser cut
snow flakewith a "S" monogram in the center.  
I need to paint it and add German glass glitter.  
It  will then be hung on the door.
Probably the closest we will get for snow.
I will post that NEXT, when it will then ready 
to be a part of the celebration.

Thanks so much for visiting...
Peace to ALL  


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sandy trimmed the tree too

It is wonderful to have our helper,Sandy, this time of year.
Actually, we are blessed to have her all year long.

We will take photos with Sandy when 
the tree is lit tonight.  Sandy's chair looks so empty.
She is enjoying her day at IBP, a program she 
attends 5 days a week.
Today is 'bowling day' and our 'Bowling Queen' will be home soon sitting in  her favorite chair posing for Christmas Photos. 

* * * 

Peace to all

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Our Sandy had to string an additional 10' of popcorn 
to have this garland reach the top
of our skinny 7'-6" Christmas Tree.
That makes 30' of stringing popcorn...WOW!
It is a prelit tree and am thinking I like it just like 
it is with the popcorn.  
Sandy has other ideas and most always gets her way.
She will be adding our 'Memories Ornaments', while listening to Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Music...Now I need get to get back to work and do a 
little more decorating...
* * *


with Peace for ALL 

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Just put together this Grapevine Christmas Wreath.
Don't want it outside as the reindeer is old and in great condition.
So we agreed to hang it in the entry 
from the coat closet door.
I have seen this idea recently and I like it for inside display.

Sandy is stringing popcorn and listening to Christmas Music...
She LOVES this time of year.

WOW...That's one long Garland ...10'-0" +- !
She has actually made another, that's two 10 footers. 
So proud of my awesome daughter.
We will eventually get to making those smaller Gingerbread ornaments for the kitchen Christmas tree.

I love getting an early start ... I seem to fizzle out too easily these days.
He  is truly a handsome Buck...
Love this idea.

* * * 
Enjoy the day and soon to be Thanksgiving Day too,
Peace to all & GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

For Sale~GINGERBREAD Cookie GARLAND, Old Fashioned & Baked

Just put the finishing touches to a sweet and aromatic 
Old Fashioned, baked

 GINGERBREAD MAN Rustic Garland, home made -
Cinnamon, Cloves, Apple Sauce, to last for years to come.
Great aroma ~ Studded eyes are Pepper Corns
Tiny rusty bells for the Buttons 
All 7 are strung onTiny Red Polka dotted Ribbon
Shown draped on my 36" wide Pie Safe
 measures 42" when laid out flat
Make each Gingerbread A separate Primitive Ornament,
giving you 7 yummy (NOT edible) ornaments for decorating or gift giving.

This year I have really been smitten by the wonderful nostalgic, homemade look of 
Ginger bread garlands and ornaments.
I am sharing these FOR SALE 
  Thank You Carla

In the meantime I will be enjoying the sounds of Christmas music and smells of cinnamon & cloves for the holidays as I continue making more varied sizes garlands of the adorable keepsake gingerbread  garlands and ornaments.

So back to Kitchen, turn on some Christmas sounds, 
make another batch of gingerbread,
 and Enjoy the Day... 

* * *

Peace to ALL & God Bless America,

Sunday, November 15, 2015

MY "Turkey and Tallow Berries"

Well, I was very pleasantly surprised  when I received all my DMC floss for this Delightful Turkey design...the colors were not as expected but they were the ones on the list.  
Since I love the design,  I proceeded with the punch needle process.

 I did choose to go ahead anyway as
I prefer muted colors (mine) VS/
the more colorful turkey's design.

Not yet sure what happened...


For now it is tacked to a basket filled with 
what else??? Tallow berries.
Eventually it will be a pillow with black mini pom-pom trim.  Sounds perfect to me.



As always, PEACE to ALL
* * *