Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lookee what I found~Strawberry Corn

I cannot believe I found these at our local 'Winco' Market, just this mornin'.  
I am going back for more too.  Call me greedy, but it has been like "looking for a needle in a haystack
trying to find them. 
I love placing them in my Fall arrangements...They add that special touch.

 'Dried Strawberry Corn'...

 They are so sweet looking ... just like a strawberry.  
That is probably how they got their name. 
These can be stored away safely after this years use for next.  
I always buy some cheap bay leaves to include 
when puttin them into storage.  
This helps to help keep the bugs away.
Have not had a problem yet!

I will be soaking the husks in some warm water to soften them up. 
Then I can shape & form them to do what I want.
Then they are not so brittle...not at all what I would want.

Thanks for has been a while for me.  
Trying to get those Prairie Schooler, Santa Ornies done. 
I am slow and still 2 more to go to complete the set of 8.  
Will I make it ??? Ya never can tell.
 Finally got started on the backings. 

 The top picture shows the husks  fluffed up after giving them some water...rather they have bloomed open, like a flower,
this softens them and they are not so brittle.

Have a great day with Blessings & much Peace!

~ ~ ~ 


  1. Hi Barbara, I love these! I haven't seen any so far this year, but I'll be on the lookout for them this weekend. Great look of Fall in your wooden the acorns too!
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Hi, Barbara,
    Those are so cute. I love your display with the acorns and pear (is that stone fruit). However, they would be a kitten toy in this house :).
    I can't have anything like that. I had a bowl on the kitchen table with about 40 little fake lady apples, and there isn't a single on left! The kittens
    have stolen them all! Eventually when I move furniture to clean, I will find them hidden all over the house.


  3. Thanks so much Ladies ...
    The acorns are from a huge wonderful Oak Tree in our backyard while living in Weathersfield, VT.
    The pears are gourds that have been grungied up and made to look old & primitive.
    I just plopped the strawberry corn in the bowl until I get around to wetting down the husks and hopefully make them a little more pretty. We have no kitties and I do miss not having one. But then there is Kody, our 9 year old Alaskan Malamute. He has the run of the house even when we are out and can be totally trusted. Can you imagine that??? A snow dog who prefers being inside??? We love it.
    Have a Great weekend... We will, Barb

  4. Oh I just love them. A very generous and thoughtful reader is sending me a few since they are no longer available around here. I did get 15 miniature Indian corns locally, but those strawberries are the berries!!

  5. Well, I don't think I've ever seen strawberry corn. It sure is pretty and interesting looking. I love it! We bought us some gourds, Indian corn and still need to pick up some corn stalks. Gotta have corn stalks :)