Monday, October 15, 2012

Home for Halloween...

Home for Halloween

Just added a few more touches for Trick or Teators, that being our Grand Children, all three of them...
Kyle, Kohana & Kylie.
or at least that is what I tell myself & Papa.
Oh yes, Sandy, our daughter won't let me get away with it either...We are both Halloween nuts.
I fully enjoy decorating for any holiday, but am slowing down due to a 'bum' knee and most lately an adjustment that has left me very sore. 

The Dining Room 

I have a limited collection of J-O-L Gourds,(Pinchneboutique on Etsy) so I have used this BIG one to be the Center piece of our farm table, with Indian corn, strawberry corn, Bitter sweet and raffia all nested in the wooden trencher.
A little corner in the Family Room

 My recent purchase of this Bucket Bench, still needs dusting and more Halloween stuff.  I managed to include the little "Trick or Treators" chair, a Helan Barrick" design, I enlarged the pattern & painted over 20 years ago for Sandy.  We bring it out every year.
The game boards I purchased not too long ago from Pam of 'Goldieloo wood works'.  They compliment this corner soo perfectly.

The Bench in our entry

My Chimney cabinet that I painted too long ago to mention is for Papa's stuff and is out all year,  as are my Izannah Walker Dolls.  More gourds, indian corn, a bowl of acorns from VT., a tiny framed JOL painting by Michelle Palmer, some of my needle work on the walls and paper mache J-O-L's on the peg shelf above complete the entry, 
greeting friends & foes alike.

Since we live in a 55 community, we do not get Trick or treators ... something I dearly miss.  On the other hand, it is not costing us lots of $$$ for the Treats. 

Still gots a bit more to do, but for now I am pooped and done for the to ice my back.
Papa is bringing home some yummy Pizza, something we eat sparingly, so it is a treat when we get it.

Thanks for visiting... 

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