Thursday, October 11, 2012

stitched Santa Ornaments update ... Father Christmas series

Santa Ornaments (PS-Father Christmas)

6 out of a set of 8 ... for sure!
I will be putting on the backings, stuffing and FINISH 6.  Then 2  more to go.
I decided to use 'that' (looks like swirls of snow flakes to me) fabric for the backing ... I darkened it little more with my 'grungy formula' and like it better.

They have not been pressed yet as I just washed them with Orvis paste.  Since I do not use a hoop but rather in the hand X-stitched,  they needed a little TLC & cleaning.
The Prairie Sampler's, Father Christmas series are so 'dad gum' cute.  Will do the last two after I get these completely finished.  Hopefully in time for this 2012 Christmas.  I will be giving them my all, and they will be on their way ... A promise to myself.

Hope you are not too bored with this update, but I am just so delighted with the lot.

Thanks for visiting!

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