Saturday, October 27, 2012

It is too guiet...

We were thrilled to have my son Jeff and our two beautiful girls, Kohana and Kylie and Deuce too, our furry grand son, visit for the past 3 days while Mommie was attending an Insurance Seminar in Los Angeles.  Everything, except for cooking, comes to a halt.  We so enjoy their antics at the ages of 3 and 1 1/2 y.o..  Always something new!
Here is Kohana posing for her picture to be taken...such a ham!

This is Kylie... a face of unlimited expressions.

They had Auntie in stitches and Papa wondering what was so funny.

 Kylie adores Papa...

and Kohana is getting hugs from Daddy as Deuce looks on.

 Auntie Sandy just takes it all in
  & Kody has a good laugh too...
while Kylie is trying to get Papa's attention
  as he is intent on the ball game.

 Some sibling rivalry over who gets to sit in Papa's chair...

 and finally before bedtime, the littlest tries on Grama's shoes for size.

* * *
They spent the night... Had pancakes for breakfast then got on their way back home to see Mommie...

For us the house is now empty & it is just

Thanks for visiting...
Blessings and Peace to all!



  1. Those grandbabies are just sooooooo adorable!

    Happy Days!

  2. Such sweet little girls...what fun you must have with them!

  3. My word, what bundles of energy. They are so cute :)