Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DECISIONS ~ Choosing the backing ? ? ?

My Prairie Schooler's  
'Father Christmas' Ornaments... 
I am making progress as I had surgery on July 18th 
and simply had NO desire to do much 
of anything for about 3 1/2 weeks.
I am feeling back to normal and back in the saddle.
 4 are stitched, but no backing.  
Must make a decision.
Can't get started until that is made. 

 I will be using the 'envelope' method
 Marly has shown in one of her tutorial blogs. 

This will probably be my choice.
I like the rambling vine with berries design.

That looks too busy, 
but I like symmetrical designs 
and to me I see snow flakes.

Both have been stained with my 
coffee, clove, vanilla & cinnamon grungy mix.  
That is why the snow flakes pop cause the stain 
was resisted and not absorbed as it was on the 
unprinted parts of fabric.

Also, I must decide what to use for the filling.  Hmmmmm!

What say You???


  1. Glad to hear you are doing much better! I like both fabrics, so I would do two ornie with one and two with the other. As for stuffing - I would use fiberfill, but if you want them flat then perhaps heavy cardboard? BTW, they are lovely.

  2. Whew! Didn't want to pry so I am glad you posted that you are doing well after the surgery! Please wish Sandy a Happy Belated Birthday. I say whatever floats your boat is what you should use. I used different fabrics depending on coat color and all were dark. I couldn't decide on just one!!! Also fusible interfacing on the linen (but not backing) and quilt batting because I wanted them a little flat and stiff. I think either will be good and any filling will work. Can't go wrong!

  3. Glad you are on the mend. I would use both of the fabrics...they both compliment your wonderful Santas.
    Take care,

  4. Hi Barb :) Good to hear you're feeling better. Love your Santas and agree with your vision of snow with the one fabric. Whichever you use, I know they will be wonderful :)

  5. While I like THAT, I think I would choose THIS as well! Did that make sense? LOL! I have one of the same Santa's and I used Marly's tutorial to do the envelope method as well. Can't wait to see them done. Glad you feel up to stitching now. ~Ann

  6. I say wow, thats so interesting to me, the concoction you create to make things grungy amazes and intrigues me, I LOVE it!!! I just came to follow you back, now I'm going to spend some time reading some of your past posts, have a wonderful day!!!

  7. hi barb! i couldn't get my email to work so i am answering you here. my mixer is a swedish magic mill. i make all of my bread in it. i love it and i've had it for over 20 years. joyce

  8. Hi, Barbara,
    I like the THIS one that you chose. No idea about filling, I like to use poodle fur (wool) but you have to have a poodle!