Friday, May 5, 2017

FIVE of my Grandmother's Hooked Rugs.

What a find!
They are all in such perfect condition 
and the colors still very vibrant. 
Will show the last 4 finds...

The top one is my favorite.  I love geometric designs.
They are all wonderful treasures 
and I LOVE them all.
Grandmother was born on 
January 13th, 1883.
These are probably close to 100 years old. 
They will never be floor rugs for me. 
Hope to find enough wall space to display them.
Probably not all at once, but change them out
periodically to EnJoY, 
and have fond and loving memories
of my beloved Grandmother,
Carrie Shann Moseman Wheeler.
She was a kind, gentle, loving woman, 
and one I aspire to be like.

* * *
Love you and dearly miss you Granma,
Your loving Granddaughter,
Barbara Joan Faustina Wheeler-Shores

If anyone has any information as to possible names of patterns, 
or any information, I'd greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you all for visiting,


  1. Hi Barb,
    Oh MY, but did you ever find some BEAUTIFUL TREASURES!!
    How amazing that you have all of these wonderful rugs made by your dear grandmother!! I was going to say that where you have them is the perfect display spot as the white/cream really shows them off!! Perhaps even find a spot on your wall AND use the bed, too! They are just too amazing to be put away any longer! Hope you can find something out about them! So happy for you! Wish I had some things from my grandmother and aunt, as they were quite the talented needle women!!!
    Enjoy your weekend, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. You're right Julie. This is our bedroom and the only room with any kind of wall space and it pretty much all creamy, dreamy, white..I do not like pure white...too sterile for me. Thinking about what and how to do it. I can probably hang two at a time...Not sure, will just sit here and think about it. I am so pleased with the find PLUS their condition. Now I must do them JUSTICE.
      Have a great weekend...not cooling down here much.
      Folk Art Hugs Sweet Julie,

  2. Barb ~
    What treasures. Lucky you. They are magnificent!!! I can't choose a favorite.
    Hugs :)

    1. Thank you sweet friend. Yes I am so happy we re-discovered them. For some reason, I seem to have more appreciation than I did 20+ years ago. Must come with aging. I do have a favorite, all the others are a very close 2nd.
      Have a great weekend...
      Peace, Barb

  3. How wonderful to have these hand hooked rugs from your grandmother. Treasures!