Monday, May 15, 2017

A new Punch Needle Design

My original painting inspired this punch needle design
"Betsy Ross Flag" .
It is a Folk Art rendering of an Early American style home
 with the roof composition being that of the flag 
for our 13 colonies and our new nation..
Buntings are hung at each window.
The front door wears a grape vine wreath 
dressed with a flowing red ribbon.
A pair of trees are Rufus Porter style.
Planted hedges bear red and white blossoms.
A lovely setting to pay homage for our beloved America.

* * *
The Story of the Betsy Ross Flag 
In the summer of 1776 (or possibly 1777) Betsy Ross, newly widowed, is said to have received a visit from General George Washington regarding a design for a flag for the new nation. Washington and the Continental Congress had come up with the basic layout, but, according to legend, Betsy allegedly finalized the design, arguing stars with five points (Washington had suggested six) because the cloth could be folded 
and cut out with a single snip.
The red stripes, represent hardiness and valor, 
the white stripes represent innocence and purity of the original 13 colonies.
* * *
 There have been several modifications to my painting...
it now measures 6" x 6"... I simplified it.
Before I coffee stained it
* * * 
After coffee stained.
    I like adding some 3-D, dimension to my designs,
    The stars and rose buds are all French Knots.
    How to do MY BOW on the grapevine wreath are illustrated and included in the pattern OR if you prefer, simply continue with the punch needle embroidery as shown on template drawing.

Finish it your way...or do it as I have,
instructions included for homespun backing.
* * *
displayed on a miniature windsor chair.
* * * 

The Inspiration!
Here is the painting, then called
"God Bless America",

now called

'Betsy Ross Flag'
will become another of my Punch Needle patterns.
One for Patriotism.
available on my Etsy,  
Village Folk Art
 May 20th.
 If interested, you can Click Here to get to My Etsy Shop.

* * *
Have an Enjoyable week with Peace for all,
Thanks for visiting,
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Rugs and Pugs said...

Barb ~
You are SO TALENTED! What a great little piece.
God Bless America :)

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Hi Lauren,
Thanks so much for the sweet comment.
I agree, "God Bless America".
Folk Art Hugs my friend,

Sarah said...

Love reading the story about this pattern, the painting, and am eagerly anticipating my own Betsy Ross House. ;-)

sin soleng said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comment.
I agree, "God Bless America".