Saturday, June 18, 2016


This is a 'Tasha Tudor Kindred Spirit Shawl'...
I have admired her art and 1900's way of life (although not for me as I like the modern conveniences too well).  

Tasha Tudo'rs hand knit shwla

For those who are not familiar she lived in Vermont Without running water, had a well, No electricity, used candles and lanterns and cooked over her wood burning stove & they say and it is written as such.

Here she is knitting and wearing one of her shawls and this is the design I am striving for.
It is just a big triangle that is wrapped around shoulders, secured with a shawl kind of pin to keep you warm and cozy during those bitter cold winter months just like in VT. 
 ~ ~ ~
My counted cross stitching is progressing very slowly, 
in between learning to knit.
There are way too many eyelet stitches that really slow me down.  but, that's what I get for not looking closer, before I decided to do this...I really like the sampler look. 
It is a SAL pattern from Blackbird Designs.

I try to get some of it done daily and knit a little bit daily...Just does not always work out.
* * * 
Just wanted to say Hi and for the Dads to
Enjoy the Father's Day weekend ahead...
We are staying home and kicking back as they say.
Maybe BBQ if not too windy and HOT (104 degrees).
 Peace for Everyone,

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Rugs and Pugs said...

I like the modern conveniences, too :)
I can't really knit. I've made basic scarves but that's it.
Love your cross stitch.
Hugs :)