Saturday, May 24, 2014

'Kody Bear' is in Heaven...

Ohhh, how are hearts are aching...
We had to give 'Kody Bear' back to God on Wednesday, May 21st. 
* * *


Getting ready to take Dad for a walk... 
* * * 

Finally, we are walking... 
what you don't see is Dad is in his Golf Cart. 
I,' Kody Bear', am walking.
* * * 

Now I need a rest on my big rug with one of my un-stuffed toys.
* * * 

'Kody Bear' loved playing with Sis(Sandy) & our Grandson(Kyle) in the snow and even helped them build a snowman.
* * *

~ ~ ~

Dad, Mom and Sis will Love you 
'Kody Bear' ...forever
"God Bless you our furry son."
Now, Dad, Mom and Sis have to be really good so we can again be together in Heaven.
* * * 

God Bless us ALL.