Saturday, June 17, 2017

"WINGS of FREEDOM" ~ almost there

This has been a really time consuming project. 
It has been an enjoyable and learning one for sure.
But, I have finally reached the fill-in for the background,
 not yet finished.  
Cannot say how pleased I am with my

Here it is.  
Using a grey worsted like wool thread 
will hopefully do the job. 
Working with Moire wool thread has really been a pleasure.
So far they have 100 colors from which to choose.
This limits your choices, as with DMC there are many more.  
Choosing colors was my biggest challenge.
I now have 1/3 of all of Moire's wool threads.
As you know, colors you see on your monitor can be deceiving.
That's for sure.
Still not certain about how it will be finished.
My next posting will show the final decision.

A close up of punching the oval cording for 'Wings'.
3 colors of thread were used.  The white fill in was done
using a #2 needle setting, the other two golds were set at #1,
 giving dimension to the over all cord. 
You can see my experimenting punched holes.
There were several of those.
You can also see some drawn pattern lines 
where I have made some corrections as I punch. 
I always do this, even as I am drawing the pattern on my cloth.  
If I see some irregularity, I correct it at this time. 

I'll be back with the Final ... soon.
Thanks for visiting,

Folk Art Hugs for all
with Peace and Blessings,

"God Bless America"


  1. Wow. Colors are great and detail is wonderful!

  2. Thanks so much Marly for the sweet comments. They are appreciated...
    This has been a challenge and learning experience for me. It all keeps me going.
    Folk Art Hugs,

  3. Your eagle is amazing!
    A friend just used Moire thread in her pn project and loved it. HMMM. One more thing to try in my spare time.
    Happy Sunday :)

    1. Many Thanks sweet friend for the lovely comment... The background fill is being done, little by little. Got some ideas for the finish. Just not sure. Will sleep on it and see what happens. It hit 109 today so we stayed in...what else? Papa got his shrimp so that made him happy. Hope you had a great day too,
      Folk Art Hugs and Peace for all,