Monday, April 17, 2017

Our family gathering...

Fun was had by all...
It was a wonderful buffet style meal 
and we enjoyed the beautiful outdoor weather.
Papa, Kyle, Pam, Jeff, Kylie, 
Cassie and the back of Kohana's head.
 Fur babies all included.
 Like father (Jeff) like son (Kolton) and our oldest grandson Kyle.
Sandy always has fun with family...but,
 she got a little sunburn.
Papa and 'his' Rusty,
our youngest daughter, Pam 
and youngest son, Jeff .
 That's Kolton and big Sis, Kohana
talking about desert...???
 On the right, that's Kylie and our Cassie, 
Jeff's wife and our talented DIL.
I should have gotten a picture of her cup cakes
 made to look like a yummy flower bouquet...
"What was I thinking???
where is my camera when I really need it???"
Ohhhh, HERE IT IS!
Cassie just sent me her picture of this beautiful piece of art...
I am so happy she took this picture...
It was too pretty to eat... 
but we did and was it 'DELISH'
Finally our 14 y.o. 'Deuce' says it all...
Is it time to go, I'm getting tired and need some rest.
He is such a sweet heart.

Hope everyone had a safe and Blessed Easter.
We did.
Peace, Love and Blessings for ALL,