Monday, September 26, 2016


This is my first really big punch needle project...
I L O V E  the design &
 the size did not discourage me.
It is "Autumn Sampler" by Doreen Frost.
Had to purchase a 17" Morgan Hoop.
Can't really tell much from this picture
as is in its very early stages.
I do have all the black done.
 Now it will all be fill-in with the orange...
 easy peasy
Here's an idea that may be helpful to you Punchin' Ladies.
I set my Punch Needle, "Floss Keep Pot" 
(Pots made by me, available on my Etsy)
and placed it up on this wooden pedestal.
It has been a tremendous help keeping the floss clear 
 and out of my way when rotating and turning the hoop during the punching process.  
I just might use this method for all my punchin'.

Looks like I just may be punching more biggies too...
gots to put that 17" hoop to work.

Thanks for visiting...Enjoy the week
Peace for all
God Bless America & the Donald too...
Keep safe everyone


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