Monday, August 8, 2016


I am burnt out...
Almost finished...
2 of each = 8
Each design is a little different from the original 
Can you see the difference?
 Background fabric is NOT good, but I am burned out
sooo... it is what it is.
Will be making one more of each design
hopefully before Christmas. 
* * *
We are having heavy smoke and ashes directly 
over our home from the 'Pilot Fire'.
It is burning on the  north side of San Bernardino Mtns.
Just below Lake Arrowhead.
We have no pine trees, just dried brush...still
very flammable.  Lucky for us we are on the East Shore of the Mojave  River...a lot of sand, NO  WATER, NO Trees,
Only the ones we planted ...7 to be exact. 
Over 4500 Acres have burned and it is VERY WINDY...
NOT A GOOD COMBINATION in 90 plus degree temps.
I am talking about two different kinds of burn outs...
my emotions and the really bad kind.
My emotions will subside, but these Fires are
devastating in so many ways...and recovery can be
painful and long term. 
So I pray for those who need it more than I.

Peace and Blessings for all,
 * * *