Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Canvas Floor Rug ~ NOT

Our family celebrated Easter on Saturday at my 
daughter's and SIL's, home in the Laguna Hills, know as Aliso Viejo, CA.
I cannot say how happy I was to be able to spend it with all 4 grandchildren, both daughters, one of my sons, SonIL and DaughterIL, my loving husband and all four of our furr babies.  What a day!

Can you tell we were all having FUN???
* * *
Today, Easter Sunday, after attending Mass, We had a simple Easter lunch.  
After yesterday's feast, a luncheon was all that we needed.
This gave me time to get started on the 'Painted Canvas Table Runner' (NOT floor cloth) that I have wanted to do for some time.

I base coated this 30" x 72" piece of canvas several days ago...
Had to let it dry for at least 30 hours
Today, I stenciled the checked border .
Need to do some trimming on the far long side.
Next I will add 8" x 4" stenciled diamonds, centered on
what has been done so far.
I hope to add pineapples in the corners...the design kind of
progresses is spurts.  
I don't want it to be too busy.  Wanting to keep it
within Colonial, Early American style.
I tend to get carried away with adding too many details
 It will be used on my 38" wide by 9' long farm table.
Purchased 16 years ago while living in VT from an
Antique Dealer in Ludlow.
It is not the real deal, but rather a reproduction'.
I guess that means I am not a purist.
Oh well...

Hope to keep you posted, but ya just never know...
 * * *
Hope you had a Blessed Easter...
We sure did!

Thanks for visiting with Peace to All,