Saturday, November 21, 2015


Just put together this Grapevine Christmas Wreath.
Don't want it outside as the reindeer is old and in great condition.
So we agreed to hang it in the entry 
from the coat closet door.
I have seen this idea recently and I like it for inside display.

Sandy is stringing popcorn and listening to Christmas Music...
She LOVES this time of year.

WOW...That's one long Garland ...10'-0" +- !
She has actually made another, that's two 10 footers. 
So proud of my awesome daughter.
We will eventually get to making those smaller Gingerbread ornaments for the kitchen Christmas tree.

I love getting an early start ... I seem to fizzle out too easily these days.
He  is truly a handsome Buck...
Love this idea.

* * * 
Enjoy the day and soon to be Thanksgiving Day too,
Peace to all & GOD BLESS AMERICA.