Saturday, October 10, 2015

I have been busy...

I have not posted as my DELL needed a new screen.  
YUP, I thought it was dead so I bought another laptop.  Son suggested getting a screen off the internet.  Well that's just not for me cause I know nothing about what goes on inside my 'puter.  So I called a 'puter whiz kid and she got my DELL up and running again.  Had to send it out to get screen replaced.   I will keep the new one as a back up.  I cannot believe how helpless and lost I felt. Anyways, here are a few of the things that have been keeping me occupied during this traumatic time...
I completed another patriotic is positively wonderful
In Full Glory ~ Blackbird  Designs 
Reward of Merit Pinkeep Cross Stitch
I went on to create some punch needle 'Halloween" ornaments ... All OOAK... for Sandy's black feather tree, not yet set up. 
 We have some penny ornaments for it too.  
The ghost I made for her special request.
I am currently working on a
36 linen count, Olga's Tart.  Another design by Paulette Stewart, so verrry cute.  I knew I was a gluten for punishment as I have never done a 36 ct before...but, slowly I am getting there.
Oh yes, one more patriotic punch needle

Land of Liberty
a picture of my finished piece is available on my DELL and I do not know how to retrieve it from here, my new 'puter.

Gots to go, so for now...
Peace and Blessings to ALL,
* * *
...God Bless America...


  1. Great projects! Congrats on the 36 count. The more I worked on it the more I got used to it. After that my usual 28 seemed like burlap.

  2. Oh Barb, I know how you must have felt without your's happened to me before =(
    Your creations are beautiful! Good use of time while waiting for your computer =)

    Happy Fall!

  3. HI Barb,
    Yes, our computers can cause such fits sometimes!!! Mine would NOT connect to the internet, even though my hubby's and son's did, all on the same system!!! After 4 days and numerous hours on the phone, hubby got it connected and running again!! MY HERO!!
    Hope yours gets fixed soon! I feel for you!!
    LOVE all of your projects and especially love that tart cute!
    Busy Hands, Happy Heart!!
    Warm Hugs~