Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bitter Sweet growing in the Mojave...

I have moved and transplanted these monsters 3 times ... They just have the will to keep on going ... 
We live in the High Desert of Southern California - 
The Mojave.  

So far they are looking healthy but once that 100 degree sunshine hits them they begin to swelter.  Am hoping the block wall that they are planted against, which is actually West of them, will help to protect them from too much sun.  Those Sun Flowers are decrative NOT real stuff.
In case you have not heard we are having a serious drought.  They just may never make it.  Never did get much blooming but then I am the 'forever optimist'.  
I love decorating with bittersweet and have always purchased it on the internet.  
Hopefully I won't be doing that again.

Thanks for visiting and wish me LOTS of Luck...

Peace to all,

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